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Celebrating Father’s Day

DateMay 20, 2015

“When I grow up I want to be like daddy!” – It is a cherished dream for many kids who are full of admiration for their fathers. Father is their role model, especially in households where fathers are the heads of families, fulfilling their responsibilities with love and affection. In many countries, especially those in the east, fathers are more involved in taking care of financial needs whereas mothers in nurturing children.

June 18th in 2017 is Father’s Day – a day when children would love to thank their father for his care and support. He is the one who keeps a family united and growing.

Fathers being strong emotional support…

There are instances when fathers have been the emotional buttress – being positive about their children and encouraging them to go ahead and take up more challenges in life. Having supportive and caring fathers, children develop better confidence and a strong sense of dependency on parents.

Fathers being the main financial contributors…

Though children all over the world are trying to cope with a scenario where both parents are working long hours, ideally mothers take care of children at home. In families with more than one child, mothers sacrifice their careers to bring up children, and fathers take up the role of being the only bread earner.


Fathers being important decision makers…

As men usually tend to spend more time out of home and engage in community life more than women, they tend to be more informed about the development and changes taking place in society. Being better informed and being important money earner of their families, they are better equipped to consider affordability factor for children’s education and take care of pleasures of life.

If your father is unique, he deserves a unique gift too. Take your call!

If a surprise party or buying a gift for your father looks like a commonplace celebration, tweak your brains for unique ideas:

  • Find a way to relate incidences for which you were touched by your father’s attitude or contribution – a video presentation, or an elaborate card telling him about your appreciation.
  • Find a memento that tells him how you idolize him or what he represents to you.
  • Do you feel that your father has too many commitments throughout the day to find time for his favorite hobby? Then, plan to help him find his way back to his favorite pastime.
  • Gift him something that will help in managing his work or time and at the same time remind him of your love.

Even a small gesture of gratitude towards your parents can go a long way in strengthening the bonds in a family. Doing your part with love and affection speaks about how you care about happiness and good vibes in the family.


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