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Celebrate Jupiter’s Transit into Gemini

DateApril 30, 2013


According to Vedic Astrology, ‘A good Jupiter erases a million sins.’ How does this happen? Jupiter erases your sins by making you conscious. He is your higher intelligence, which means that you can correct a lot of problems in life just by being conscious. Jupiter is the divinity within you, plus Jupiter makes you practical. The things that Jupiter brings into your life lasts a long time: children, knowledge, growth of consciousness, and lasting wealth.

Jupiter is the essence of our civilization as a whole: Law, Education, Philosophy, Wisdom, Tradition, History and Classical Arts. His move into a new sign has a great impact on you and on the world. Since Jupiter will stay in one sign for a whole year, his influence will have a lasting impact. Jupiter is moving into Gemini on May 31st. Click on the Link to Know how Jupiter’s upcoming transit will affect you.


There is a story about how Jupiter helps people. Two men broke into a house and stole everything of value. One man quickly gathered a load of goods and left. The second man took longer collecting items and was caught by the police. An astrologer was asked to comment on the horoscopes of the two thieves. The first guy had Jupiter in the 9th House, the second guy had Saturn in the 8th House. Jupiter created good fortune for the first burglar by helping him avoid capture while at the same time making him aware of the possible consequences. With an 8th house Saturn, the lessons are more severe. The second burglar learns the lesson by experiencing the consequences directly and harshly.


On Tuesday, May 28th, AstroVed will celebrate Jupiter’s transit with pooja’s and fire rituals. There is a special reason for choosing this day. According to the Tamil Siddha Indian tradition, on May 28th the benefic planet Jupiter makes its move to Gemini and it is most momentous for a change of your destiny. Participate in the Jupiter Transit rituals; through an archana (pooja) or homa (fire ritual) for your birth star.


The transit of Jupiter is a time when you can seek and obtain the maximum benefits from Jupiter. It is a very helpful to acquire Jupiter’s assistance in overriding any negative afflictions you have from any other planet. But, if Jupiter is not in a favorable position, i.e. when he cannot protect you, you are more prone to inner fears, lose wealth opportunities, get distracted by others who can harm you. Sometimes, without proper awareness and prevention, longer term problems could be created which requires much time and energy to reverse.


Ongoing Specials

Create a Permanent Connection with Lakshmi & Kubera

Akshya Tritiya starts on May 12th at 10:20 am IST and ends on May 13th at 12:47 pm IST. On the day of Akshaya Tritiya you will be able plant the seed of Non-Declining Wealth deep within your psyche and firmly hold onto the concept that “my money should never run out, run down but rather it should always get better.” By buying Gold you are gather wealth, growing and keep it growing.



The additional influence of 3 benefics have made this year’s Akshaya Tritiya more stronger. The 3 benefics; Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are positioned together in Taurus, which is the sign of real tangible wealth, ruled by Venus. This astrological alignment shows that Vishnu and Lakshmi are available to bless you with all the abundance and wealth you desire.


Last Chance to participate in Nataraja Abishekam Celebration on May 2nd IST

May 2nd IST is “Nataraja Abishekam”. Six times in a year the archetype of Supreme Consciousness, Lord Shiva, comes to perform the Dance of Creation. Connect to the Archetype of Creation and wipe out old karma and start life anew.

There is a uniqueness about the first Nataraja Abishekam for the 2013 Vedic Year. All the planets will be in beneficial placements from an 8th Waning Moon in Shravana. This is a rare astrological occurrence and it also provides 2 remedy opportunities:

1) To Remove Powerful Curses

2) To Fix all 9 Planets at once

Moreover, it occurs on the 8th waning Moon which connects you to the God of Time, Kala Bhairava.


Last Chance: 8th Moon & Kala Bhairava on May 2nd IST

Time is controlled by the Archetype known as Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava (Kala means time) is the aspect of Shiva who controls time and takes you to distinct locations. By connecting with the energy of Kala Bhairava, you take overall charge of all the moments in your life. You can avoid laziness, delays, missed opportunities, poverty and unfortunate events.



Jupiter is a huge planet and has more mass than all the other planets combined. Jupiter is the primary cause for the entire Solar System to orbit the Barycenter. The Sun and all the planets actually orbit a central point of mass for the entire Solar System, known as the Barycenter. Jupiter also has a large impact on your astrological chart especially via transit. Jupiter stays in one sign for over a year. And while Jupiter is considered extremely beneficial with the ability to neutralize bad karma, still when he transits the 8th house from your Moon it creates a confusing and often lonely time.


Did You Know?

In the human body Jupiter controls the “Solar Plexus chakra”, an etheric energy center located 2″ above your navel. It energizes the digestive system and the glands that govern digestion. This chakra also controls the endocrine gland and the pancreas. Insulin is secreted by this gland and Insulin is the vital hormone that controls blood sugar and stores fat.



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