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The Birth Chart As A Tool For Self Growth

When it comes to self-awareness, where can we find an objective and honest portrait of ourselves? We can try and understand ourselves through self-analysis but this is likely to be tainted by subjectivity. Or we can turn towards psychotherapy and get the opinion of an expert in the field. However, different psychotherapists may have different opinions depending upon their training or interests. Perhaps we can ask friends or family but their views may be colored by personal biases. One person may see us as generous and kind while another may regard us as lazy or untidy. It very much depends upon the person and their concerns. Scientific questionnaires too don’t reveal the whole picture.

Fortunately there is one timeless tool for self-understanding and self-growth that has been there with us throughout history, largely forgotten in the last centuries and relegated to the margins by reason and science. That is none other than Astrology. In ancient times, people turned to Astrology to understand their lives and find out what awaited them in the future. With the rise of science, astrology took a bad rap and came to be dismissed as superstitious nonsense. We live in an age where many of our basic needs have been met. Yet most of us are still searching for meaning, purpose and happiness in our complicated lives. Fortunately, astrology and the Birth Chart is making a comeback to aid us along this difficult path.

Astrology has always understood – Science is only now coming to this realization – that the world and its many parts are all interconnected. What happens in the macrocosm – the cosmos – is also reflected in the microcosm – the individual. At the time of birth, the planets and their positions in the zodiac were understood to reveal the nature of a person born at that very moment as well as the events that would transpire in their life. All the planets in our Solar System do not exist by coincidence but represent a different energy which is also present in us when we are born. By understanding in which zodiac signs the planets were when we were born, we can understand how this energy will express itself in us.

To understand this, we need to draw up our astrology chart first and then perform a horoscope analysis. Fortunately, with computerized horoscopes now easily available, this is a quick and easy procedure. We simply need to know the date, time and place of our birth. The birth chart will show in which location each of the planets was at the time of our birth. Each planet can lie in any one of the twelve Zodiac signs.

Now why is the birth chart so useful to us and our self-growth? Well, the planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – all represent different traits of our nature. The zodiac signs they lie in – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – indicate the different ways those traits will express themselves in us. For example Mars, the fiery red planet, indicates our personal will or drive, the force that is needed in us to overcome challenges and difficulties and propel us to achieve our goals and surmount the many challenges in life. Remember, the planets are not just ‘out there’ but ‘in here’ also. Now if Mars was in Cancer, the sign of the home and family, our primary drive and personal will would be expressed in the area of the home and family. Any threat to our close family or surroundings would likely activate all of our strength and fighting abilities. We would literally fight for our family. If Mars is in a different sign, say Sagittarius, a sign of broadening our horizons, our personal will and energy would be directed at activities such as learning, traveling and new adventures.

However, Saturn represents a completely different force, our capacity for hard work and discipline and our ability to set boundaries and maintain authority and adhere to correct standards of behavior. Venus, on the other hand, represents our ability to love and be loved, what we are attracted to and aspects like beauty and talent. Indeed, each planet represents a different force and aspect of our life. The planets as a whole show all the different aspects of our nature and their placement in the zodiac signs in our birth chart show the ways in which they express themselves specifically in us.

Therefore if we can understand our birth chart through a horoscope by date of birth analysis, we can understand ourselves. What makes us tick so to speak, once we understand ourselves, such as what is likely to anger us or motivate us, cause us to work hard or cause us to love we can take a step back and literally see our tendencies and not act on them unconsciously without understanding but express these tendencies in a controlled and conscious and coherent manner.

As an analogy, imagine a large carriage being pulled by many horses. Each horse has its own tendencies, temperament, likes and dislikes. If we can somehow understand the nature of each horse, its likes and dislikes, etc., we will be able to steer them better and thus reach our destination in a quicker and easier way. Similarly, if we can understand our inherent tendencies, we can control them and lead a happier and more productive life. The birth chart compatibility between two people can also be analyzed in a similar way by doing a horoscope compatibility analysis.

David Klugmann has studied Astrology with the Center for Psychological Astrology and the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London. He has also been a student of Kabbalah for twenty years.
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