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Befriend Mars and Discover Your Youthful and Attractive Self

DateFebruary 29, 2016

We usually associate beauty and attractiveness with the planet Venus.

But often, an attractive and beautifully toned body is a gift from Mars—the planet of fitness and muscular strength.

You might have noticed that among the ancient Romans and Greeks, the ideal beauty was depicted in large and overweight (by today’s standards) beauties—and statues of ultimate loveliness displayed a large torso, soft abs and seriously round hips.

Think Venus of Milos.

Leave the Past Behind


But in our fast-paced world, an agile and svelte figure is perceived as both younger and more desirable.

Even fashion magazines are now offering images of female models with sculpted six-pack abs.

Of course, as Mother Nature intended, all body types are beautiful

So this is about becoming the best version of you.

For men, this ideal of muscular and lean body has maintained its standards for eons.

So what can you do to achieve your ideal shape? Follow Mars and become his best friend.

Be assured that being skinny—read that “very thin”—is not necessarily the goal. Unless that is your natural body type.

Anyone can become stronger and acquire a beautifully sculpted body no matter what’s his or her body shape.

Below are some easy tips to be on Mars’ good side and sculpt or design your ideal body. Note: your age, current weight and fitness levels are not important.

However, it’s preferable to consult your physician before starting a new fitness or health routine.

To approach Mars, it’s better to contact him when he is in a strong position, transiting one of the following signs—Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio.

You’re in luck, because now Mars is in Scorpio for a long time during his forward motion and then retrograde.

Talk to Mars as You Would to a Friend, But More Politely

Scorpio is the ultimate domain for transformation—meaning that if you’re truly tired of the way you’ve been living, feeling, dressing, eating, thinking, tolerating, working, etc., you can now appeal to Mars as an emotional warrior with your tears.

This cry need not be sorrowful, but sincere and genuine: in other words, being wishy-washy in your intention will not work.

Planets are sentient and conscious beings—not to mention very intelligent.

Visualize Mars

He’s a beautiful and young warrior, a red tinge in his skin.

You can literally talk to Mars on a Tuesday by saying something to the effect of, “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked. Please help me with…” fill the blanks. You can add that you are seriously thinking of permanent change.

Sponsoring a fire ritual to Mars will convey that you mean business and you won’t quit half way through your diet, new behaviors, fitness plan, weight lifting, etc.

You can also add that you want to feel and look healthier, stronger and sexier. These are qualities of Mars.

Then, take action.

Saturn, currently in Scorpio, will demand complete dedication to whatever course you choose. Take care of your knees with appropriate exercises or yoga asanas—you can ask your yoga instructor for advice or Google the poses that strengthen the knees and ankles—body parts ruled by Saturn.

Enjoy your renewed, healthier and beautiful self!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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