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Sun Transit in Virgo

Sep, 16, 2022 (Friday) at 09:51 PM

Supportive for People With These Moon Signs or Ascendants in Their Vedic Birth Chart

Challenging for People With These Moon Signs or Ascendants in Their Vedic Birth Chart

Moderate for People With These Moon Signs or Ascendants in Their Vedic Birth Chart


Virgo is an earthy, feminine sign. The Sun’s journey into Virgo can release energies to support greater focus on practical matters and improvements in organizational skills.

The symbol for Virgo is the most detailed of all the Zodiac symbols described in the Graha Sutras. Virgo is symbolized by a woman in a boat carrying a light and a sheaf of life-giving grain. The Sun in Virgo enhances logical and analytical thinking as well as pragmatic examination of component parts of goals.

The Sun will be transiting in the stars Uttara Phalguni (2nd, 3rd and 4thpadas or quarters), Hasta and Chitra (1st and 2ndpadas or quarters) during his stay in Virgo.

Impact of Transit of the Sun in Virgo

The Sun’s passage through Virgo lights up topics related to business as well as anything involving numbers, mathematics or accounting. All forms of buying and selling are energized by the Sun’s presence in Virgo.

The Sun is neutral toward pattern-matching Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo. For some people, the Sun in Virgo can give greater lucidity in evaluating the current condition of their health, debts and problems with enemies. The Sun can infuse them with motivation to work to improve in these areas. For other people, the Sun in Virgo may reveal a need to become more compassionate in being of genuine service to others.

Connect With The Divine

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