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Sun Transit in Cancer

Jul, 16, 2022 (Saturday) at 01:26 PM

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Cancer is a watery, feminine sign. It is the most emotionally sensitive sign in the Zodiac, and the Sun’s transit into this sign can stir up emotional issues as well as shed a brighter light on intuitive and psychic insights.

Cancer is symbolized by a crab, a cautious creature who goes just so far up into the sand at the beach and just so far out into the water of the ocean. The Sun gives light that reaches far and wide, so while in Cancer, the Sun may push the envelope for breaking through narrow boundaries or going beyond a normal comfort zone.

The Sun will be transiting in the stars Punarvasu (4thpada or quarter), Pushya and Ashlesha during his stay in Cancer.

Impact of Transit of the Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer may heighten focus on topics such as home, mother (or mother figure), material comforts, property and happiness. It can also cause deeper inner explorations to become more honest and self-aware about feelings and more authentic in taking responsibility for emotional reactions to situations.

The Sun is friendly toward the Moon, the planet that rules Cancer. The Sun’s radiance may cause some people to evaluate what things they wish to keep private and to redraw their boundaries in what things they share and what people they share them with. Some people may face challenges in overcoming shyness as the Sun may give them situations where they are more “showcased” than usual.

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