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Teacher's Day 2018

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What is Teacher’s Day?

Teacher’s Day is a day observed in honor of the teachers. All countries and religions of the world hold teachers in high esteem. This finds expression as Teacher’s Day festival.

What is the greatness of a Teacher?

A teacher plays a memorable role in any individual’s life. While the parents bring up the child, the teacher guides him in developing sound intellect. Thus under the benign care of the teacher, the young grow into mature adults. A teacher is not only an educator, but can even be a developer of a skill or a coach of a sport. Whatever be his or her role, tradition regards the teacher as a Guru or preceptor and places him in a high pedestal. Even celebrated sportsmen, who perform great feats at international levels, give to their coaches, all the credit for their achievements.

When and how is Teacher’s Day festival celebrated?

Teacher’ Day differs from other similar occasions, as different countries have it on different days. Since 1994, UN has declared 5th October as International Teachers’ Day. This world-wide Teacher’s Day celebration is held to support teacher organizations and recognize their contributions to various fields. Some countries like UK and Russia follow this practice. But, our country observes 5th September as Teacher’s Day. Statesman, philosopher and former President of India Dr S. Radhakrishnan was born on this day in 1888. This eminent personality was essentially a professor and teacher and hence, since 1962, his birthday is observed as Teacher’s Day. Educational institutions organize events on this day in honor of teachers, recollecting their services and highlighting their importance. However our tradition always remembers teachers or Gurus with gratitude. Guru Purnima is the occasion for showing such thankfulness. This day falls in Ashada month (June-July) on the full moon day.