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Yearly Festivals

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Our country is a land of festivals. These have mythological, spiritual and social significance and remain as occasions for religious observance and joyful celebrations. However, the purpose and periodicity of these festivals vary. While there are also occasions which fall every month and are observed as such, most of the famous festivals are annual events that are celebrated once a year. Deepavali, Navarathri, Ganesh Chaturthi, New Year Day etc. can be cited as some of such extremely popular Yearly Festivals.

While these festival days are all regarded as sacred occasions, they are also dedicated to specific Gods. People undertake different practices, observe austerities and do celebrations specific to the particular yearly festival, and also offer worship to the deities concerned and seek their blessings on the occasion.

We at AstroVed, have studied all aspects with respect to these yearly festivals in depth, detailed all the important features like the significance of each occasion, legend associated, practices to be observed and benefits accrued, and have presented them in our website lucidly for your easy reference. You can study them with care, note the significance of the individual festival, observe austerities as specified therein, offer sincere prayers to the Gods and get divine blessings for your welfare.

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