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Saturn Transit 2023 to 2025 Predictions for Libra

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Libra Moon

Libra General

For Libra natives, Saturn transit will happen in Aquarius, which is your 5th house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on January 17th 2023 and it is going to be in Aquarius till 29th March 2025. This time, the transit is going to last for 26 months. Saturn rules the 4th house and 5th house from your Moon sign.

Saturn enters the 5th house from your sign which is considered very good. As it is a benefic functional yoga karaka for your Moon sign, you may be blessed with all abundance in this transit. You may be free from the testing, obstacles, and other hindrance that you experienced earlier, and all your initiatives can be successful. Stay focused and keep progressing.

Libra Career

Professional life looks much better. The waiting period for promotions could be over now, and more inclination in professional life is seen. Saturn is known for giving delayed results, but he never denies them. A few might move abroad for work-related needs. As responsibility increases, your growth could also increase. Fame and recognition may arrive now.

Libra Love and Relationship

Maintain flexibility. A feeling of detachment is possible, as things may not meet your expectations. Your dear ones may be against your ideas, and there may be a lack of support from elder siblings. Life will be peaceful if you stay calm and try not to entertain any negativity. Singles need to be careful in their relationships.

Libra Marital Life

There will be a few obstacles. Some issues may persist due to the recent transition of Ketu in your moon sign and Rahu in the 7th house from your moon sign. Delays in marriages are foreseen. Do not worry, as these are just temporary setbacks. Married couples should compromise in order to avoid any clashes.

Libra Finances

This year, financial conditions look mixed. The required money flow may be present. At the same time, do not take risks in speculation and commodity trading. The aspect of Saturn falls on the house known for profits, and hence you can expect some delays. Do take a clear look at all your investments and once you are satisfied with the terms, please proceed accordingly. As Jupiter also aspects the 2nd house, which denotes family and finance, you could find things stabilizing after a few hurdles and hindrances.

Libra Education

This year, you may be lucky enough to attain success in education. Try to adapt by learning new skills. Focus on your goals. Do not deviate from your goals at any point in time. This period may be supportive for studying abroad. A few may get scholarship opportunities for higher studies. Hard work, commitment, and involvement may give you more fame and success. Your creativity will be good, and it will attract fruitful results.

Libra Health

You need to be careful as your health may be affected. Do not take anything lightly, and pay immediate attention if you face any health-related problems. Digestive issues or obesity-related problems may be present, so be careful in your diet. Avoid alcohol to prevent kidney and liver disorders. Engage more in physical activities that will work wonders for your health.

Libra Remedies

Worship Lord Narasimha and offer jaggery water daily.

If health supports, observe fasting on Saturdays.

Apply sindoor on the forehead daily.

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Remedies for Saturn Transit 2023

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Saturn Transit 2023 to 2025