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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Libra

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Libra Ascendant

in English
Libra General

The Saturn Transit in Libra will be in your fourth and fifth house this 2022. The transit will commence on July 12, 2022, in your fifth house in zodiac Aquarius that can bring a spurt of professional and financial benefits and profits. This time is right to make powerful contacts with the people in power. You can expect no dearth of money flow with good luck favouring you. You may experience some complications in family and work-life from July 12 onwards; this is because of the Saturn in zodiac Capricorn lodged in your fourth house. Librans may also confront legal issues during this time. Post-October, things may work in your favour.

Libra Career

Your career graph can see some peaks and dips in 2022. Losses are eminent for entrepreneurs but not to worry, as there will be some reasonable profits at the year-end. Expect minimal profit for those in small businesses. For those Librans in a government job, you will be given important responsibilities at your workplace. Expect a pay hike and promotion during the first part of the year. If you have invested in stocks, you can expect financial gains during the first half-yearly. Librans can benefit due to changes in jobs, and those in public service can gain from daily work. Those looking for employment will find a good job.

Libra Love and Relationship

This year there may be discord in relationships and friendships. Your family life will see a rise in conflicts. You may be concerned with a family member’s health. Some fights in the family may lead to legal battles, particularly in property. Love relationships may be boring, and some may even end up in breakups. Your partner may cheat you. Differences of opinion may arise during this period. Moreover, singles will remain single for some more time as your soulmate may take some more time to come. This could lead to boring relationship status.

Libra Marital Life

You may lose trust in your relationship leading to disagreements. Separation and divorce can also haunt you this year. Don’t panic; childbirth in the family may bring bonding among the couple. Spending time with your better half may not be a frequent happening this year, as your professional precedence will overtake family life. Be cautious of extramarital affairs as it can cause marital disharmony and become the main source of distrust and duels. Your spouse’s health may be a concern, so give priority to health. Your marriage relationship this year is expected to wax and wane.

Libra Finances

Income will not be a problem for Librans this year. It is an economically rewarding time for you, and there are no big fallbacks in the earnings. The good news is you will earn from various sources keeping your income steady. Those self-employed Librans will see an abrupt inflow of wealth. Investment in speculative ventures can see gains. Librans in software, cosmetics, import & Export, gadgets business and pharmaceutical will see good income. It is the right time to make money by practising your hobbies. Freelancers are also going to see a fruitful year. Despite the money inflow, expenses will also rise, leading to less savings. You may experience some loss for the first six months.

Libra Education

Libran students face struggles in studies this year. They may not get the expected results. Though, some may be successful in getting admission to foreign universities for higher studies. Scholarships are also on the cards. Problems may arise due to lack of concentration and providing practical solutions. The Librans may not fare well in competitive tests and interviews. Moreover, the results also may be disappointing for Librans.

Libra Health

There is good news for Librans in the latter half of 2022 regarding health. Despite the first six months giving you health complications like cold, cough and fever, the second half is sure to provide you with respite. A few Librans may have to deal with heart or lung diseases. Librans suffering from diabetes have to eat healthy food and take good medical treatment. Drive carefully to prevent accidents. Immunity related issues may affect you between March and August.

Libra Remedies

Distribute blankets among the street dwellers

Help people in the nursing home

On Saturday, light a lamp with sesame oil

On Saturday give water and food to birds, crows and dogs

On Saturdays, a strict no to meat, fish and alcohol, also recite Shani Chalisa

On Saturday, dress in blue

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025