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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Aquarius

English Version

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Aquarius General


A most advantageous transit by all ancient accounts, Saturn’s journey through the 11th house from your birth Moon-sign will bestow a lot of blessings upon you. Lots of  happiness, gains and honor can be expected.

Yet, there is a word of caution too. Check yourself against becoming overambitious, aggressive, and going after other people’s wealth and possessions. So, be on guard against temptations and impulses to covet.

Aquarius Family and love

Famil & Love

Increased income and prosperity will give you a happier family life and greater sense of togetherness. 

Keep watch on the workings of your mind so it doesn’t go aggressively after anything or everything your heart desires. Be it money, car, house, luxuries, or any other pleasures.

Be more considerate and tactful in your dealings with your elder siblings to avoid friction in the relationships.

Aquarius Health


Your health will likely be sound. However, be on guard against leg injuries and accidents, ear or hearing problems.

Your spouse’s health will experience positive effects. But, you may need to pay particular attention to your children’s health and wellbeing.

Your mother’s health may require special care. Ditto with your elder siblings.

Aquarius Finances


You may peak financially in your life. Keep a tight leash on your expenses, so they don’t catch up to your income and you may be left with some surplus money.

Sudden wealth through your spouse is possible.

Be on guard against impulses to spend lavishly.

Aquarius Career


Things will fall in pleasant places for you. Far more pleasantly than you imagined. You will be on a roll, so to speak.

New growth opportunities will present themselves to you. You need to be alert and ready to act. The job promotion or career option that you long dreamed of would come through.

Salary raise or business profit may be unexpectedly steep.

A great time for reaching the pinnacles of your career.

However, don’t take your career success for granted. Be focused on building it, like you have been always.

Aquarius Education


Learning and educational prospects are positive. Your intelligence will be alive and well. Take care that your mind does not become a little defocused and restless, wavering between academics and play. Be watchful against procrastination and complacence getting the better of you. 


Saturn is your ascendant lord, signifying you and your health, wealth, personality, life. Therefore, fortifying him, by performing appropriate propitiatory measures such as the following, will keep you out of harm’s way and do a world of good:

  1. Distribute free cooked black beans and rice at temple every Saturday.
  2. Donate money and food supplies to the orphaned and poor.
  3. Wear an iron or steel ring on your middle finger throughout the transit.

Prepare for Success Saturn Transit Package

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