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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Aquarius

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Aquarius Ascendant

in English
Aquarius General

The Saturn transit for Aquarius this year will trigger the twelfth and the first house. The transit will happen between April 29 and July 12, 2022, in Aquarius in the first house leading to immense gain and growth both personally and professionally. There may be some inactivity, and work may become dull and boring. At the same time, financially, you will see advancement in your professional life. The wheels of fortune will point towards you, but there may be some health issues during this period.

Seeing the brighter side, your reputation, wealth and esteem are sure to rise in society and the workplace. Starting July 12, 2022, things will move slowly despite having everything under control. Some Aquarians may relocate to a foreign land on account of jobs. Though expenses may be high, you will earn a decent income to balance both.

Aquarius Career

As far as 2022 is concerned, the Saturn transit for Aquarians may result in slow yet steady growth in professional life. If luck favours, some may land in government jobs. It will be opportunities galore between January to June for those Aquarians seeking jobs. Change of job may also be favourable for Aquarians. Though your work will be appreciated, your career growth will be slow. Self-employed Aquarians will have a flourishing time in their professional life. Those in the field of sports, media and entertainment will gain popularity. Pay increases and promotions are on the cards for management or related administrative jobs. Aquarian politicians will reach powerful positions. Those in the advertising field will earn profits.

Aquarius Love and Relationship

Generally, the relationship among friends and family will be cordial this year. However, your primary attention will be to enjoy your me-time. Emotionally and psychologically, your family and relatives will be supportive.

Aquarians will experience good and bad times in their love life. Some of you may be betrayed by your lover. Mistrust, disloyalty and lack of commitment will haunt your love life this year. Separation is inseparable this year. Though eligible Aquarians will be entangled in short flings, these may not last long. Only a long term relationship can get you a soulmate.

Aquarius Marital Life

Life will go on as usual with mild flips and flops, yet moments of intimacy and happiness cannot be ruled out. You may get into quarrels due to misinterpretation of your statements, though this will not last long as peace and happiness will adorn your marital life. Newly married should be cautious as the chance of divorce cannot be discounted.

Aquarius Finances

Aquarians can see a rise in income in 2022, though expenses can overburden your income. Despite stability in dealings, entrepreneurs may see slow movement in their endeavours. The first six months will bring profits for Aquarians, yet partnerships may result in losses. Those in the oil and transport business industry may earn profits. Even traders will make good money. If you plan to start a new business, the results will be satisfactory. Expansion is on the cards for some Aquarian businesspersons, and they will prosper in the new land. People in travel, restaurant and hospitality will make profits this 2022.

Aquarius Education

This year Aquarians will achieve success academically, scoring good marks in the exams. Aquarians taking competitive tests and entrance exams will see success. You can expect admissions into reputed institutions. Students in the field of medicine, IT and engineering will perform well. Those in media and research will see progress and be acknowledged for their work. Students majoring in management, accountancy and marketing should work hard to see success. This year is expected to be fruitful for students.

Aquarius Health

Aquarians may face help issues this year. You can see old illnesses or viral infections popping up suddenly. Leg pain, headaches and joint pain will be seen in some Aquarians. Expect some high medical bills. Stomach or heart surgery is on the cards for some. Keep an eye on your eating habits to protect yourself from liver or blood-related issues, for some hormonal problems and skin disease may crop up. The good news is that your energy levels and immunity will remain stable during the final 2022 despite the peaks and valleys in your health.

Aquarius Remedies

On Saturday, distribute to the deprived salt and black lentils

On Saturday, blue should be your attire

On Saturday, gift clothes and blankets to the needy

On Saturday, a big no to alcohol, meat and fish

On Saturday give water and food to crow, birds and dog

Donate to nursing homes

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025