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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Pisces

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Pisces Ascendant

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Pisces General

While travelling through the zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn will make active your eleventh and twelfth houses. Saturn will begin its journey in your twelfth house on April 29, 2022. It will remain there until July 12, 2022, bringing rapid advancement and unexpected benefits from both your resources as well as contacts. Your wealth will increase, and some of you may choose to live a patrician lifestyle. This journey may lead to profitable chances in another country. Your expenditures will rise, but your earnings will rise as well.

On the other hand, you will have no plan of saving cash. This year is yours to spend as much as you like. This year, you may be frustrated by a few interruptions in your critical tasks. You might lose sight of your professional and life goals at times. However, beginning July 12th, you might become more attentive. A few of your desires and yearnings shall be met with during the latter of this year. Luck will be to your advantage, and this year shall turn out to be prosperous.

Pisces Career

Most of the Pisces natives shall stay focused and success-oriented as far as their careers are concerned this year. The workload may be heavy, but you shall be able to complete the tasks before the deadlines. This year, growth, progress, and acknowledgement in career are on the cards. Professional life will be satisfactory. Those in business should have a smooth year as well. Good gains, status and popularity from partnership ventures are possible for the Pisces natives. Those living abroad may see marked progress as well.

Those in content writing, management and administrative jobs will be able to score well this year. Also, sportspersons, media people, astrologers, and artists should taste success. The chances are that some Pisces natives will come into contact with highly influential people and gain the most out of it. Those looking for jobs will land suitable jobs, while those seeking government jobs should be able to get one. Politicians can expect a favourable year.

Pisces Love and Relationship

Relations with brothers, sisters, parents and family members shall be warm, amiable and harmonious. New relationships will fetch contentment, happiness, pleasure, and productive consequences. New acquaintances will give substantial favourable benefits this year. Family members shall extend complete support this year. Members of your family shall be hale and healthy, and content.

Singles will get to meet a perfect soul-mate this year. Those committed may opt to aim for the next leap towards matrimony in 2022. Pisces natives in a long-distance relationship might face some problems due to miscommunication. Love marriages shall be fruitful for many of the Pisces natives.

Pisces Marital Life

Married life shall be cheerful and peaceful. Some newly wedded couples shall travel to foreign countries this year. Your significant other half shall fetch good luck. She/he may also extend financial support or support in your daily work. Relationships between spouses shall get intimate this year. Childbirth in the family can bring in some cheerful moments. Harmony and fortune in domestic life are on the cards for the Pisces natives. Trust and respect between spouses will be high.

Pisces Finances

Pisces natives can expect financial gains from several sources this year. There will be big gains for the entrepreneurs, while some can expect financial gains from government sources. Those in online media, social media, advertising and marketing, will make substantial gains. Sportspersons and those in the entertainment industry should become popular among the masses. Astrologers should see a favourable year too. Returns from metals like gold, silver, etc., pharma business, should be favourable. Though the income will be favourable, expenses will also be on the rise, giving no scope for savings.

Pisces Education

Students will do well in examinations and interviews. Possibility of gaining scholarships to study abroad. Those looking for government jobs should land in one. Campus jobs for Pisces natives should be like a piece of cake. Apart from education, some students will do well in co-curricular activities too.

Pisces Health

Overall, health will be satisfactory for the Pisces natives. Obesity issues for some shall crop up this year. Regular blood sugar checkups should help immensely in keeping your health intact. There will not be any significant health expenses in 2022.

Pisces Remedies

Offering black grams and salt every Saturday to the needy.

Donating almonds at the Temples on Saturdays.

Donating blankets and garments to the poor on Saturdays.

Avoid liquor and non-vegetarian foods on Saturdays.

Feeding dogs, birds and crows food & water on Saturdays.

Assisting nursing homes.

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025