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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Sagittarius

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Sagittarius General


Saturn, ruler of your wealth, transiting in your Moon sign Sagittarius, will be throwing his aspects on the 3rd, 7th, and 10th houses, which represent courage and brothers, marriage and foreign travels, profession and honor, respectively. In the process, he will be loading and enriching these houses with money and riches. That is to say, you may profit much via your brothers, spouse, foreign travels, and profession.

And Saturn, travelling in the greatest benefic Jupiter’s powerful Mooltrikona sign, is set to lose a bit of his sting as a natural malefic. And his evil propensities may become quite diluted and milder.

Sagittarius Family and love

Famil & Love

Marriage and spousal love will become more intimate, pleasurable, and strong.

Romantic affairs or love relationships may be emotionally enriching and financially beneficial.

Your bonds with your younger siblings will get closer and stronger. One of them may move in with you and live as part of your own family.

Sagittarius Health


Schedule adequate rest times on a regular basis to combat everyday stress. Saturn posited in your Moon ascendant could possibly make you vulnerable to mental anxieties and depression, if you don’t take adequate proactive steps. Regular breathing or aerobic exercises, or yoga can have highly beneficial effects on your mental functioning.

Drink ample quantities of water regularly to avoid urogenital troubles. Eat fiber-rich foods, fruits, and leafy vegetables for gastro-intestinal wellness.

Avoid unhealthy food and eating-out in order to avert risk of food-poisoning.

You would be well-advised to not go walking or travelling in deserted places and at night times, so as to avoid the risk of getting bitten by poisonous creatures.

Be on guard against heat related ailments and fire hazards.

Sagittarius Finances


No matter what the circumstances are, money may keep flowing into your bank account, thanks to Saturn’s generosity on account of his being the lord of your 2nd house of wealth.

You may receive considerable amounts of money or gifts from your close family members. You may gain from your spouse’s inheritance share. Your younger siblings too may contribute to increasing your wealth. You may derive profits through gold, gems, clothes, and precious metals.

Your own hard work and communication abilities can bring in considerable financial rewards.

Sagittarius Career


You will overcome the roadblocks and delays in your career. You will rise tall after any fall, like a mushroom after a rainfall. Friends may multiply at work.

You may get the permanent job you have long been waiting for.

You are highly likely to land long-desired overseas employment.

Ensure that you don’t permit the Saturn in your first house to slacken your resolve and efforts toward career growth and job promotion.

Sagittarius Education


It is a beneficial time for shining at school and college. Be diligent. Take care that you do not become lukewarm or half-hearted in your learning and educational efforts. Traditional academics as well as sports may interest you greatly. Technical job training and hands-on, practical courses may be appealing and profitable to you at this time.


Fortifying your ascendant lord Jupiter, by means of the below-mentioned ways, will help you counterbalance and overcome the ill-effects of Saturn’s transit.

  1. Worship Guru with yellow flowers at temple every Thursday.
  2. Distribute free laddu balls or cooked chickpeas and rice at temple every Thursday.
  3. Donate yellow-colored clothes to the poor and needy

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