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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Sagittarius

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Sagittarius Ascendant

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Sagittarius General

The Saturn Transit 2022 in Capricorn sign and Aquarius will occur in your second and third house. In the third house, it happens between April 29 and July 12, 2022, and during this time, your boss is going to shower you with favours. You will enjoy good recognition in your workplace and make profits in your business. Your contemporaries and senior officers will display their happiness over your performance. You will see that issues nagging you for long will vanish. However, you can experience a mixed bag both in your personal and professional life from July 12 to the end of 2022, as the Saturn moves back into your second house in the Capricorn sign. Confront this with patience and perseverance.

Sagittarius Career

During the first half of 2022, luck will favour you. Life will be seamless as you see success and profit in your business. If you are a government employee, pay hikes and promotions are on the cards for Sagittarius. In the second half-yearly of 2022, your business will become slow, so will the success rate and growth; for the employed workplace, obstacles may pop up. With an increased workload, you will come under the scanner of your seniors in your office. Work hard to avoid unpleasant confrontations in the workplace as you may even stand to lose your job. For jobseekers, April till July will open up opportunities. Career changes can be good for some Sagittarians. Those in teaching, publication, media and writing can succeed this year.

Sagittarius Love and Relationship

There will be peace and positivity on the family side, though differences may happen on and off. A brief confrontation may come and go, so it is best not to involve in arguments. However, you can rest assured that your family will stand by your side when you need their support.

Singles are heading towards an exciting year by dating your partner. However, despite being exciting, the affairs are short-lived and will not go to the logical end.

Sagittarius Marital Life

Overall your marital life will see happiness and peace, though your spouse may have health issues. The birth of a child may contribute to happiness in the family. On the domestic side, you will invest good time with family, increasing the bond between the two. You can expect a peaceful married life this 2022. Expect to travel to exotic locations with your partner this year.

Sagittarius Finances

As for funds, Sagittarians will have no dearth of wealth this year. With rising income and expenses, you will know how to balance. For those in transport, business profits are on the cards. Sagittarians may make money through multiple sources this year. Fame and popularity will knock the doors of those in the entertainment and media industry. People in the show business will amass wealth from their work. Expect good profits if you are in the advertising and marketing industry. Sportsmen may lead a hi-fi life by earning immense wealth and reputation from their game. A word of caution is not to involve in extravaganza and face losses. Do not spend unnecessarily in 2022.

Sagittarius Education

Students will excel in their exams and educational endeavours. Sagittarians pursuing higher education and in the field of research will find scholarships and recognitions lined up. Your wish to continue your studies abroad will come true. This is the time for Sagittarians to see success in the entrance exams, interviews and other competitive exams for admissions or work. Extracurricular activities will bring fame and a name.

Sagittarius Health

Sagittarians will generally see a healthy 2022 with high energy and boosting confidence. Though minor hiccups like cold, cough and fever may come and go. You will recover from minor injuries quickly. Sagittarians ailing from chronic illness can find relief this year. Even those ailing from heart disease and diabetes can find relief. Though, minor issues like skin problems, migraines, dental and nerve problems may occur for some. In addition, your family medical expenses may increase.

Sagittarius Remedies

On Saturday, offer to the deprived black gram lentils

On Saturday, say no to leather products

On Saturday, donate clothes and blankets for the less privileged

On Saturday, Say no to meat and alcohol

On Saturday, give water and food to crows and birds

On Saturday, dress in blue

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025