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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Leo

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Leo Ascendant

in English
Leo General

Saturn Transit 2022 will mark immense changes in your life as it moves in the sixth and seventh houses for Leo. Between April 29 and July 12, Saturn will move to the 7th house in the Aquarius sign. For Leos, this Saturn transition is sure to grant all your wishes. The benefits include; for those involved in business ventures will reap immense profits, if you are a job seeker, you will land in a lucrative job, and those self-employed with getting new projects leading to a steep rise in your status graph. Leos planning to start a partnership venture will touch new heights during this time. After July 12, things may decelerate as you will be bogged with delays, and you may have to put in your 200% to overcome day to day hurdles in life. In 2022 Leos will be overwhelmed with work stress and responsibilities.

Leo Career

You will reach a dead-end in your career or will undergo tribulations in removing the hurdles to growth in your job. These are uncertain times, with ebb and flow hitting both professional and personal life. Only during the fag end of the year you can expect some support from your superiors. This means you may be required to wait patiently for pay hikes and promotions. Only through continuous effort and hard work you can yield success. Those in the marketing and media can see growth in your career. But overall, the growth will be gradual.

Leos in the art or entertainment industry may experience misfortunes. It will be overall a disappointing year for those in the show business. Some of the fields in Leos can achieve success in are astrology, teaching, sports and occult. Fortunate Leos can also land in a government job, but on the whole, the work burden will be heavy, with superiors expecting you to deliver more.

Leo Love and Relationship

Do not expect any support from family members as it could lead to unnecessary arguments and face-offs. Likewise, do not expect family support for your work decisions. You may also end up with property-related litigation with loved ones. If this is the case with family, your friends and workmates are no better, there will be ego clashes resulting in a breakup.

Love life is not going to be happy for Leos this year. Misunderstanding in a relationship may lead to a split. You will be unsuccessful in losing your single status. It may be hard to find a loyal partner leading to short term flings.

Leo Marital Life

The year 2022 may wreck the peace of mind of married couples as they stand divided into personal and professional issues. Some marriages may end in a divorce as the partner may be infidelity. For some, pregnancy-related complications may ruin the year.

Leo Finances

Leo entrepreneurs can gain from Impex business in 2022. During the fag end of 2022, they can earn profits from mutual funds, shares and stocks. However, those in hospitality, travel, catering, beauty industry and traders may earn mediocre profits. On the other hand, agriculture and real estate Leos can earn short term profit. The good news is Leos will have no demand for liquid wealth in 2022; though there will be less savings and high expenses, the money flow may be adequate.

Leo Education

Hard work can bring success to Leos students; they might also be successful in competitive exams to enter into reputed colleges or institutions and pass interviews for government jobs. Leo students will fair well in engineering and medical exams and get admissions to universities abroad. Scholarships will come your way.

Leo Health
It is the recovery time for Leos from chronic illness, though medication expenses may remain. Cold and cough may be common. Beware of minor accidents. Enjoy good health this 2022.
Leo Remedies

Wear a ruby on your ring finger

Early morning prayers to the Sun God by offering water and chanting Surya Mantra

Dress in orange or red on Sundays

Feed dogs and cows with jaggery and sweet bread

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025