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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Leo

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Leo General


Saturn, as ruler of your marriage-and-money house (the 7th), travelling in the 5th house belonging to prosperity and love, will render you fortunate in terms of wealth, business prospects, professional growth, and romantic matters.

In particular, Saturn will give you the warmth and support of love, which is the very linchpin of a person’s existence. This is because Saturn will be looking at his own sign Aquarius, the 7th, while journeying through the 5th. This interconnection between the angular 7th and the trinal 5th houses is most auspicious!

Nevertheless, since the fact that Saturn is also a malefic planet cannot be swept under the carpet, you should stay on guard against any negative developments regarding the two houses. 

Leo Family and love

Famil & Love

New passionate love affair or marriage may be on the cards. If married, you may become parent of a child.

It has to mentioned that you remain close with your family. You may have to make brave career decisions in order to not move geographically far away from your spouse or children on account of your career.

This is a favorable time for taking efforts to make peace and mend relationships with your close relatives. Willingly help your elder siblings in money matters.

Leo Health


Give special importance to daily stress-management during this time. Avoid hectic work schedules, and make time for private recreations and diversions, in order to unwind your mind. Have your heart health checked out on a regular basis. Take precautionary measures to avoid stress-induced spinal problems and stomach afflictions.

You may need to give special attention to the well-being of your children, your mother’s health, and the emotional needs of your spouse.

Leo Finances


Financially, you will be holding hands and rubbing shoulders with lady luck.

Your tireless wealth-building efforts will be rewarded. Investments will yield rich dividends. Properties and rentals may give good returns, if you can keep overhead and maintenance under control.

When it comes to expenses, being frugal, economical, and prudent at this point will help you avoid any future fiscal contingencies.

Rein in your vices, if you have any, to stay healthy and wealthy.

Leo Career


Your career may come to a crossroads, for your own good, where you may find yourself having to make decisions that might have long-term consequences for your finances, happiness, and family. You may also have to make some resolute choices to get your personal life in alignment with your profession. The net effect of the Saturn transit for you may be a strong foundation for long-term growth and promise of a better future.

Leo Education


Learning activities may be fruitful overall. But, be wary of the possibility of your mind getting confused, clouded at times. Saturn in your house of intellect could do that. Regular physical exercises, yoga, or such therapeutic practices may help you shake off any temporary mental stupor. Intellectual and cognitive development may be sharp, though it could appear to be a little slow at times. Remember, Saturn may seem a little slow, but he is always a most generous giver. Perseverance, fixed study schedule, and determination to succeed can help you overcome any stumbling blocks and achieve your educational goals.


To neutralize the malefic effects of Saturn transit in your 5th house, it is imperative that you fortify the 5th house lord Jupiter, the most powerful natural benefic, by performing suitable remedies such as these:

  1. Distribute free sweets or food items made with chickpea flour or seeds every Thursday at Guru Shrine.
  2. Donate yellow-colored clothes to the poor and needy.
  3. Consume yellow-colored fruits, grains, and vegetables regularly.

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