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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Scorpio

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Scorpio Ascendant

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Scorpio General

For the natives of Scorpios, planet Saturn’s transit to the respective third and fourth planetary position in Capricorn & Aquarius in 2022 will have a deep impact. Saturn will transit in your fourth house from April 29, 2022, and continue to stay there till July 12, 2022. This is not a favourable time for the Scorpio natives on both personal and professional fronts. If trying for new endeavours, there will undoubtedly be some roadblocks that will need to be dealt with carefully. However, all these hardships will start to subside from July 12, 2022. Yes, there shall be a marked improvement, and Lady Luck should start to smile on you. Scorpios will earn a respectable reputation in their workplace and be capable of striking the right balance in personal and professional life.

Scorpio Career

Are you looking for pay hikes, promotions, etc.? Career-wise, it is a good period for the Scorpios. For the unemployed, it is time to gear up for the right job. Yes, you will be able to land your dream job, and the career graph is certainly going to shoot up! Those already handling a favourable job can expect transfers to the places of their choice. The self-employed can expect massive success and rake in huge profits. Government officers can expect promotions and land in authoritative positions, and those trying for a government job will land in one without any hiccups. Those in social media and blogging will rise through name and fame.

Scorpio Love and Relationship

Unfavourable relationship issues should get solved on their own during this period. Family members bickering with each other will come to terms and settle for a peaceful life. Expect the support of family members in all your endeavours. Also, the natives of Scorpio will find opportune moments to spend quality time with their beloved families. You will be forging new friendships and contacts that will prove beneficial for a long time.

This is the right time to walk down the wedding aisle! Yes, Scorpio singles out there, gear up to find your soul mate. This is the apt time to tie the nuptial knot. Love marriages are in the cards for the Scorpios.

Scorpio Marital Life

There may be a short period of confusion and turmoil in your marital relationship, but it will settle down soon. You can expect trust, harmony, and intimacy with your partner. It is time for some festivities in the family, and there is a possibility of family tours. Those seeking progeny for a long time will be blessed with children. Trust and respect between the spouses will surge.

Scorpio Finances

Do financial troubles and debts bog you down? Well, this period will turn it all around. Yes, it is for profits and gains for the Scorpio natives. There may be a decent rise in profits for the entrepreneurs. Those in import-export, real estate, cosmetics, garments, agricultural, hotel, food, and travel and transport business will find favourable financial results. In the second part of 2022, there will be a steep rise in your social status.

Scorpio Education

Students will excel in competitive exams; There are chances of students getting scholarships and pursuing higher education. Chances to pursue higher studies abroad are very high.

Scorpio Health

Tend to your health with care. Diabetes, skin ailments, heart and respiration issues are in the cards for the Scorpio natives. Stay fit with yoga and exercises.

Scorpio Remedies

On Saturday, Offer black grams to the deprived.

On Saturday, Reciting Hanuman Chalisa & visiting Shani / Hanuman Temple.

On Saturday, Give blankies and garments to the homeless.

On Saturday, do not take alcohol / non-vegetarian food.

On Saturday, Feed dogs, birds, crows, etc., with food & water.

On Saturday, Dress in blue outfits.

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025