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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Scorpio

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Scorpio General


When Saturn, the lord of your houses of comforts (the 4th) and communication (the 3rd), transits the 2nd house from your radical Moon, he could bring you wealth and prosperity, gold and gems, profits through lands, gain of houses, piety, knowledge of scriptures, success in agriculture, vehicular comforts, visits to watery resorts, and income from family members, especially mother and younger siblings.

Scorpio Family and love

Famil & Love

You may put your relationships with your younger siblings and mother front and center.

Domestic relationships in general – be it with your spouse, parents, siblings, or other relatives – may bring you lots of emotional and material benefits.

Since Saturn traverses your house of family, you may have to be on guard against the possibility of differences arising between you and your spouse regarding your parents, siblings, land, house, or assets.

Scorpio Health


Take care that you maintain a proper balance between your work and family life, and that the tensions and stresses of everyday life are under control.

Keep watch on your spouse’s health, making sure she gets regular medical check-ups.

Be wary of eye problems.

Get regular physical exercise to avert fatigue and weakness.

Attend to root canal or other dental problems at the very outset.

Meditate or do yoga daily to de-stress yourself and keep your mind at peace.

Scorpio Finances


Careers in sectors such as lands, houses, transport, telecommunications, writings, arts, sports, and hospitality will see significant growth.

There are strong chances for monetary gains from your younger siblings or mother. Paternal inheritances may also be forthcoming.

You may expend a large portion of your savings funds in buying a house or a car. You may also spend a bit of money taking a vacation to a sea-side resort.

Just keep a watchful eye on your expenses, and ensure your spendings do not far exceed your income. You would be better off not investing any money in speculative activities.

Scorpio Career


Prospects for career growth are positive. Job prospects are definitely bullish. Take care that you are not too picky with the type of job you want to work. You may have to be willing to make little compromises about your job expectations. Saturn could make you work harder for your money, although he is a most generous paymaster. Your income will be highly satisfying.

Scorpio Education


Saturn, the lord of your house of education (the 4th), posited in auspicious Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius, which is the house of early education (the 2nd), will help improve your chances of success in academics and other learning pursuits. Take care to avoid laziness, procrastination, and dilly-dallying in finishing your school or college assignments. Regular aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, or running can help to effectively counteract any bit of slowness, dullness, or sleepiness that Saturn may tend to induce in you.


The most powerful natural benefic Jupiter is the lord of the Sagittarius sign wherein Saturn will be transiting. Plus, he is the most favorable planet in your Moon chart. Not to mention, he is a dear friend of your ascendant lord Mars. It is therefore essential that you fortify him by performing the following propitiatory measures, so you may be able to greatly counter and alleviate the negative effects of Saturn’s transit.

  1. Worship Guru with yellow flowers at temple every Thursday.
  2. Distribute free laddu balls or cooked chickpeas and rice at temple every Thursday.

Prepare for Success Saturn Transit Package

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