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Saturn Transit 2023 to 2025 Predictions for Scorpio

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Scorpio Moon

in English
Scorpio General

For Scorpio natives, Saturn transit will happen in Aquarius, which is your 4th house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on January 17th 2023, and it is going to be in Aquarius till 29th March 2025. This time, the transit is going to last for 26 months. Saturn rules the 3rd house and 4th house from your Moon sign.

Saturn transit happens in the 4th house from your Moon sign. Saturn rules your 3rd and 4th houses. The 3rd house deals with efforts, communication, and younger siblings, while the 4th house deals with the mother, land, house, and luxurious comforts. As it is going to happen in his own Sign Aquarius, it is a notified thing in this transit. Even though he does not have a good relationship with your Moon lord, Mars, he will still perform his duties as per the law and deliver the results of the characteristics of the houses he owns.

Scorpio Career

Saturn's 7th aspect on the 10th house that deals with your professional life. The workload will be high, and delays in growth are quite common at this time. Your colleagues and boss may cause trouble for you. Have a clear plan about your work schedule, and agree to take up only the work that looks achievable. A new work transition may get added. This might pose a problem; however you will have enough skills to complete it efficiently.

Scorpio Love and Relationship

Your mother's support will be there whenever there is a need. But your father's support will be delayed, and the relationship might become strained. Your relationship with your siblings may be good. Those who are waiting for marriage may find a good alliance, and they may lead a peaceful life. Singles could find themselves committed and may also focus on making the relationship closer and deeper.

Scorpio Marital Life

Couples' relationship also looks quite supportive and good. Mutual understanding will be there, and you will help each other. You could be spending more time with your family members, and peace may reign in life. Still, it will be good if you remain flexible at times. In that case, when differences of opinion arise, it may not damage your relationship.

Scorpio Finances

This year, your financial aspects look good. There may be gains and profits from your business. Some may take steps to expand their business and could achieve success. These investments are going to be the foundation for the future, so have clear plans. The expected money flow could be there, and you might be spending more on luxurious comforts. Land investments may give fruitful results. Those who are in the export and import business can expect positive results, and the profits may meet your expectations..

Scorpio Education

Students may shine in education. They could be focused on their goals with full involvement and will design their future much to their expectations. Research-related studies may go much deeper, and the outcomes may be better. Some may get scholarships to pursue higher studies. Those appearing for competitive exams may crack the exams with high scores

Scorpio Health

Uterus problems may arise, and intestinal issues are also likely. Get them treated at an early stage to avoid major medical expenses. As this transit is known as Ardha Ashtama Sani, be careful about health, and do not take anything lightly. Those with a chronic disease must follow the prescribed medical procedures that will help to control the disease. Have food on time. Take a proper diet and consume food that boosts immunity.

Scorpio Remedies

Donate clothes to beggars and also to people in old age homes.

Worship Lord Shani Dev on Saturdays;, light lamp in mud and offer prayers.

Feeding the poor will bring more positive results.

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Remedies for Saturn Transit 2022

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Saturn Transit 2023 to 2025