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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Cancer

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Cancer Ascendant

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Cancer General

Saturn shall enter into your seventh and eighth planetary house this year, 2022, and this means a mixed pot of fortune for the Cancer natives. From April 29 until July 12, 2022, planet Saturn shall move into your eighth house, which means unfortunate events, problems and misfortunes in whatever you undertake. You will acquire new talents or techniques in this time; nevertheless, you will have to hold back for any advancement and accomplishment in life. The native’s luck shall not be favourable in the course of this year, and the chances are that a few might betray you in personal as well as professional life. Deterrents in professional life shall make the native frustrated, and work-life shall be monotonous. Still, your career should get back right on track in October 2022. The native’s fortune may be inconsistent this year, but social status, wealth, and success will be upswing through the last months of this year. Some progress is on the cards in private as well as professional life for those abroad.

Cancer Career

There may be some delay in important work and the possibility of not achieving the objectives or meeting the expectancies in work. Some glitches in career trail and unemployment can be foreseen for some Cancer natives for a brief period. The career graph may remain idle from June until September, owing to the Saturn retrograde. Fear not, as you will experience positivity starting September onwards. Partnership ventures will turn out to be profitable. Entrepreneurs might encounter losses during mid-2022, but the situation will turn around during the latter part of this year.

Careers of astrology, spirituality, etc., will soar this year, and people in advertising and media will encounter difficulties. Cancer natives in administrative and management areas will stand to gain with promotions, increments, etc.

Cancer Love and Relationship

Some pandemonium and confusion in the domestic life of Cancer natives are on the cards. During the first half, do not expect the support of your kith and kin, but the situation will turn out to be good during the latter part of the year.

Cheating, infidelity and betrayal are on the cards for folks in relationships. Some might experience a breakup, leading to depression and loneliness. However, there is nothing to worry about as Cancer natives will also experience some good moments of contentment. Singles will get an opportunity to find their soul mate.

Cancer Marital Life

The married life of the Cancer natives will be blissful. Yet, misunderstanding & trust issues will crop up during the first half of this year. Some could opt for divorce/separation too. All miscommunications and misunderstandings will solve itself during the latter half of this year. Childbirth in some families will bring in some cheerful moments.

Cancer Finances

Real estate & agricultural ventures will turn out to be profitable. Transport, travel, liquid material business will bring in losses. Those in marketing or personal relations areas can expect a good time. November to December is the right time to make some wealth gains. Those in partnership ventures will stand to gain. Moderate profits can be expected for those in the hotel and food industry. Speculative gains are also possible for some. Investment and lottery gains can be expected too.

Cancer Education

There may be a failure in realising your dreams of higher education. You need to put in extra efforts for success in examinations and interviews. Those looking to move abroad for higher education will succeed this year.

Cancer Health

The health condition will be satisfactory for most of the Cancer natives. Some may experience injuries, and some may undergo surgery. Those suffering from chronic ailments will get it treated. The Cancer natives may suffer from skin and blood-related ailments this year. Some Cancer natives will experience expenses over health, but they will recover quite fast.

Cancer Remedies

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa every day and visiting Hanuman temple for Aarti on Saturdays.

Reciting the Mahamritunjay chant in addition to worshipping Lord Shiva every Saturday.

Visiting Lord Shiva shrine on Saturdays and offering water & white coloured flowers on Shiva Linga.

Donating curd to priests on Saturdays.

Donating sweets to the poor on Saturdays.

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025