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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Cancer

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Cancer General


Saturn will be transiting from your 5th house into your 6th house, opening up a new phase of positive developments in your life. Classical authorities predict all-around happiness in life during Saturn’s favorable transit in the 6th house. So, this transit may involve dramatic shifts in your fortunes, for the better.

Not to say there wouldn’t be any adverse effects at all, for Saturn’s aspects on your 3rd, 8th, and 12th houses, representing siblings, health, and losses, respectively, and his presence in the 6th house, representing litigation, employment, service, maternal uncle, fear, adversities, and intestines, are not too desirable. Not to forget Saturn is the Lord of your 8th House of obstacles.

So, although the transit has much to do with sweet-smelling roses, be careful so their thorns may not prick you!

Cancer Family and love

Famil & Love

Abundance of intimacies with the opposite gender is indicated. You may indulge in romantic relationships with foreigners or those from a different class. Take care to resist any temptations towards violating your marital bonds, so your marriage may not go sour.

This is also a sensitive time, when it comes to relationships with your siblings. You may also have to be extra watchful in avoiding any quarrels or fights with your extended close relatives.

An empowering thought for you is this: people may strive against you but they cannot prevail against you. Saturn assures you that!

You should take the time to nourish and foster your love relationships, so they may not suffer heavily because you are too focused on minting money and your flourishing career.

Cancer Health


Your health will be favorable for the most part. Saturn, well-positioned in your house of diseases, will bless you with heightened immunity to resist sicknesses and stresses of various kinds. Yet, be on guard against any illnesses in the lower abdominal areas like urogenital, stomach, and gastrointestinal problems; Saturn can also induce leg complaints, rheumatic pains, accidents and falls.

Stay away from fast-food, and consume a lot of fruits, leafy vegetables, and whole grains, in order to avoid any bowel problems.

The health of your better-half and children will thrive well with special attention and care during this time.

Cancer Finances


Monetary prospects tend toward the high side. Sudden increase in wealth is possible through speculation, trading, business ventures, inheritance, or spousal income. You will do well to earnestly guard yourself against losing money to theft, scam or lottery. 

Cancer Career


Your hard work and labor will be amply rewarded by Saturn during this time.

Be on watch against get-rich-quick mode of thinking. Saturn prefers to bestow you with slow but steady enrichment. Restrain yourself from making huge bets or investments.

You would be well-advised to stay away from heavy borrowing to finance grandiose business ventures.

Cancer Education


Educational pursuits may yield steady progress and great success. Increased stability of mind and sustained concentration will help you apply yourself well to learning.  

Saturn will equip you to fight against your own wrong habits of the mind, and also hidden enemies who secretively wishing your downfall.


  1. Distribute free cooked curd rice to the hungry at Shakthi temple every Monday.
  2. Donate white-colored clothes to the poor and the needy.

These remedies will go a long way toward strengthening your ascendant lord Moon and ascendant sign Cancer, tempering the adverse effects of Saturn transit.

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