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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Capricorn

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Capricorn General


Saturn’s transit into the 12th house from your Moon-sign, signifying bed comforts and expenses, heralds a period of frequent travels, diverse expenditures, pilgrimages, and abundant sensual pleasures. And Jupiter-owned Sagittarius, the benevolent 9th sign of the natural zodiac, may appreciably temper Saturn’s natural malefic tendencies as he travels through it, so he may be purified like gold in the fire.

Capricorn Family and love

Famil & Love

Curb your desires to have extramarital affairs, so your marriage may not hit the rocks.

You may have to make plans to take your spouse along with you on your long-distance or foreign work assignments, so you may not have to suffer prolonged deprivation of conjugal pleasures. But enjoyment of sexual intimacies with women in general is strongly indicated.

Capricorn Health


Solicitously attend to your mental health at this point in time, lest mental stress and strain push you into depression and funk. Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, or other stress-reduction techniques can be life-savers for you, helping you function normally.

Avoid high-risk sexual encounters and romantic liaisons, so you may not contract any sexual diseases.

Keep vigilant and take sufficient rest so that heavy travelling or work may not result in sleep disturbances, fatigue, and impaired health.

Be wary of eye problems and nagging ankle or foot disorders.

Capricorn Finances


You may spend a good portion of your income on religious and charitable matters.

Be watchful to avoid secret love matters and extramarital sexual indulgences, so they do not take a bite into your savings.

Beware of heightened affinity for splurge purchases and high-living, so you may not be left with a negative bank balance.

You may expect to spend more for travel purposes.

Be alert against scams, robberies, and thefts.

Extra self-control should be exercised to stay clear of speculative activities and stock-trading, for they have the potential to plunge you in sudden steep falls and wipe out all your wealth.

Be watchful to avoid taking out loans on impulse.

In short, monetary self-restraint and sensible fiscal decisions will stand you in good stead during these sensitive times.

Capricorn Career


Career status and job opportunities may be more fluid. You may be inclined to put comfort before money when it comes to making career or job choices. Your job may involve more travelling. Settlement in a foreign land may be on the cards.

Capricorn Education


There may be change of school or learning environment. Ensure that you follow a fixed sleeping schedule regularly, so you may avoid sacrificing your studies to oversleeping. Foreign trips for educational purposes are highly likely. Success in educational goals is within reach, so long as you abide by a structured study plan and routine.


Saturn is the lord of both your ascendant and your house of family and wealth. His transit in the evil 12th house greatly diminishes his powers to do good. Hence it is necessary that you fortify him by performing appropriate propitiatory measures such as the following:

  1. Distribute free cooked black beans and rice at temple every Saturday.
  2. Donate money and food supplies to the orphaned and poor.
  3. Wear an iron or steel ring on your middle finger throughout the transit.

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