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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Virgo

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Virgo Ascendant

in English
Virgo General

Saturn transit 2022 for Virgo will happen in your fifth and sixth house. The transit of Saturn will happen in the sixth house of the zodiac Aquarius sigh starting April 12 to July 11, 2022. The transit is going to bring you good news in your profession in the form of promotion and pay hikes. Virgoans seeking jobs may land a job and be recognised and rewarded for their contribution. Virgoans facing legal battles will come out successfully over their rivals. From July 12, 2022, the Saturn will return to your fifth block in the Capricorn sign, which means your career will see an improvement, but your romantic life will see a setback. On the whole, 2022 is sure to be a productive year with luck favouring you this year.

Virgo Career

Growth in professional life is significant. Success will reach you in your endeavour. As far as work is concerned, you will enjoy power and respect. Your seniors will offer all support for your pay hike and promotion this year. For those in business, you may reap profits, particularly in the final months of the year. If you are in a partnership business, you can expect success. Virgoans who are self-employed will be recognised for their work. While entrepreneurs need calm and put in efforts to earn profits. Teachers in their field may excel this year.

Virgoans in the field of management or working in MNC may become group leaders. Success will embrace you if you are in the medical or engineering field. For a few Virgoans, government jobs are on the cards. If you choose sports or politics, name and fame will reach you.

Virgo Love and Relationship

Your bonding with family and friends is sure to thicken this 2022. Virgoans will spend some memorable family time, giving you peace of mind. Those who are unmarried will not have a fruitful love life. Finding a partner of your choice may be tough this year. If you are already acquainted, it might end in a breakup because of betrayal and misunderstanding. Your love life will have no colour. If you are planning to tie the knot, make a wise decision and do not be in a hurry.

Virgo Marital Life

It is time to welcome a newborn in the family, this may lead to celebration and joy this year. Travel to exotic places is likely for the Virgoan couple this 2022. The understanding and esteem for one another will increase, leading to more bonding. You will expect all support from your partner, though minor health issues may come and go. Broadly speaking, you will enjoy intimacy as a couple.

Virgo Finances

Your earnings will be multifold as they will come from various sources. The profits may come from promotion, public service and education. Virgoans can expect a rising bank balance. Social media or travel bloggers can become rich. People in the media and recreation industry can see their pockets soar. Virgoans in medical, wood, cosmetic and sale of premium items may earn profits this year. You may make a considerable profit if you are in the agriculture or real estate business. Virgoans who are into business can expect growth in their income.

Virgo Education

Students may excel in their academics and pass good marks in their exams. Virgoans in the field of medicine, engineering, and IT may be stand out this year. Admissions to foreign institutions will happen this year. Scholarships will reach out to Virgo students. Participating in quiz competitions and debates can bring honour and rewards. Take part in a competitive examination for admissions to higher students, and you will succeed. You can also take entrance tests and clear them easily.

Virgo Health

You will be healthy this year as your lifestyle improves. You will not be burdened with extra medical expenses. Recovery is on the cards if you suffer from chronic illness or heart disease. Though, common cold, fever and cough are normal as you will recover soon. The only concern will be on account of blood pressure. Your family health needs good care.

Virgo Remedies

Give water and food for crows, birds and dogs daily

Either Wednesday or on Saturday, offer sweets to pujari in any temples

Gift away blankets and clothes to the deprived

On Wednesdays, chant the Ganesha Mantra as well as go to the Ganesha temple

Consult an astrologer on wearing an emerald ring on the little finger

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025