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Saturn Transit into Sagittarius


Saturn Transit 2019

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Virgo General

Saturn transiting in the 4th house from your Moon sign Virgo will aspect your 6th,10th and 1st houses.

Saturn may strike bit heavily at the roots of the 4th house portfolio, namely, mind, domestic happiness, mother, land and house, vehicles, prosperity, education, relatives and so on. In other words, Saturn could cause problem for enjoying good results in these areas.

Virgo Family and love

You may become very ill-tempered and aggressive that might even lead you to the extent of cutting off ties with your relatives. They may fail to perceive you rightly.

Your relationship with your mother could also become difficult in this period. Difference of opinion with your mother can frequently crop up. On the other end, she might also fail to understand your mind set and your circumstances. You are advised, therefore not to have verbal exchanges with her. Even if you are not convinced with her ideas, diplomatically convey your views and try not to show your displeasure explicitly. Apply this approach with your relatives as well.

There will be difficulties in enjoying comforts. Domestic harmony might become scarce or out of reach. Monetary crises pertaining to both you and your spouse could drive a wedge into your marital life. Even if you try to manage to create some happy moments, your own thoughts will not let you enjoy such pleasure.

Virgo Health

Your mental health could be impaired by a barrage of stressors. You will find yourself getting more negative and disruptive thoughts. Your experiences during this time will be no different. Meditation, practicing simple breathing exercises will help the situation to a big extent. Continuous practice will eventually reduce the mind oscillation and thought flow. Being integral and honest in all your activities, without worrying about the outcome will in itself bring you much mental peace.

Regular respiratory exercises will also relieve you from getting lung infection. Chest infections may trouble you more often. Ordinary cold and flu symptoms, if not treated with due care, may turn into serious complications. Include Yoga and meditation in your daily schedule.

Stomach conditions, intestinal complaints and liver problems can surface during this time. Be wary of the food that you eat, and drinking habits, if any.

Be on guard against falls and accidents. Going out swimming in open waters, boating, and sea travels can be risky. Being watchful is the key-word. Holding yourself back from such adventures during this period will be a sensible thing to do.

Please note that due diligence and care should be taken on your parents’ and children’s health as well during this time frame.

Virgo Finances

Past borrowings and current liabilities may tax your sanity. Interest payments to creditors may consume much of your emergency funds and savings. School fees, medical bills, or other expenses concerning your children may put you in a bind. You may face big health care bills if you do not take proper care.

If you are seeking any financial assistance, you might have to wait long. Be aware of such situation and plan wisely. Manage your funds with prudence. Continuous monitoring and follow-ups will be needed if you are going to seek finances from external sources.

Virgo Career

Both you and your better half may be in for career interruptions. Domestic problems, illnesses, and poor judgment would be the reasons for hindrances.

It is not advisable to change assignments in this period. There will be more insecurity feeling in the job. It is indicating getting more interpersonal conflicts. Lack of clarity with respect to your tasks and goals and can be a sure reason to cause conflicts in the job. But it is possible to manage the situations with the help of your people and team. Ensure you maintain good and cordial relations with them so that they are with you during time of need.

Virgo Education

There will be obstacles in pursuing higher education. There will be difficulties in memorizing things. You may need more retrieval exercises so as to strengthen your long term memory. You may have difficulties in availing scholarship. Planning and organizing some back-up funds will be a wise thing to do, especially if you are aspiring to pursue a costly course.

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Remedies for Saturn Transit 2019

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Saturn Transit 2019

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