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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Taurus

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Taurus Ascendant

in English
Taurus General

Planet Saturn will move into the Aquarius sign on April 29th 2022, and remain there till July 11th 2022. This is a testing time for the Taurus natives. Beware in workplaces as there might be work tension and heavy workload. Some can face immense pressure from their higher officials. However, this testing time should subside from July 11th onwards. There may be a steep rise in your social status from this time. Also, you may stand to gain financially with some Taurus natives getting a pay rise. Towards the close of this year, you may be fortunate enough to realise your dreams and aspirations. Those trying for government positions should be able to make it.

Taurus Career

There shall be a marked rise in the career graph this year. Progress, promotions, pay rise, etc., are all on cards for the Taurus natives.

The popularity and fortune of the self-employed and entrepreneurs will soar several notches up. You will stand to gain from social & digital media. Those in the technology area will see marked progress. Those on the lookout for a job should be able to find one with good income prospects. Those in banking, management and partnership ventures stand to gain. Travelling to foreign countries for employment is also possible for the Taurus natives.

Taurus Love and Relationship

Rapport with family and friends should be harmonious and cordial this year. Taurus natives can place their trust in relatives and friends. Financial gains through family, friends & relatives are also possible this year.

Those in love will have a sensational time. Your mate will be affectionate, gentle, loving, caring, devoted and faithful this year. Also, there are chances for some Taurus natives to indulge in several romantic affairs. Passionate and cherished moments with your soulmate are also possible this year.

Taurus Marital Life

The married life of Taurus natives will be blissful and peaceful this year. Contentment by of children will bring in some happy moments. Mental support, security, stability, pleasure from your mates this year will bring in more happiness. Mutual respect and trust between the spouses are on the cards.

Miscommunication can play havoc in your relationship. Therefore, remember that communication is the key to every peaceful relationship. It is time for some couples to celebrate the arrival of a newborn. A foreign trip with family is also possible this year.

Taurus Finances

Medical expenses make burn a hole in your pocket this year. Opting for a luxurious lifestyle should also eat away a chunk of your finances. Business ventures or speculations can bring in a sudden influx of money. Investments can rake in big profits. Entrepreneurs may have to put in extra efforts for profits. Those in the auto industry & real estate will stand to gain due to their business ventures. This year, the foodstuff, hotel, and transport & travel business will thrive. Those in the media and advertisement will have an influencing year.

Taurus Education

Students will achieve well in the exams this year. Those trying for medicine and engineering courses will realise their dreams. Taurus students wanting to pursue higher education will succeed. Taurus students can go abroad for higher studies too. Some students may face distractions in various forms; therefore, beware and perform well for a bright future.

Taurus Health

Health is good overall. Immunity levels will be up, and so does the energy levels. Fever, cold and cough are some of the ailments you may suffer this year. Recovery from chronic illnesses is possible. There are chances for minor injuries, so be careful. Jaundice and pneumonia are some of the ailments you may suffer in 2022.

Taurus Remedies

Wearing white shade garments with fragrance on Saturdays

Hand out curd to the deprived on Saturdays

Worshipping lord Shiva / Hanuman every Saturday will help

Smear sandalwood soap while bathing

Bath in rose water scented water

Distribute Kheer every Saturday

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025