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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Taurus

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Taurus General


Saturn is your principal fortune-giving planet or yoga karaka by virtue of his being the lord of both your 9th and 10th houses, representing fortune and income respectively. Therefore his transit in the 8th house from the native Moon can positively promote related matters like inheritance, spousal income and enjoyment, sudden wealth, longevity, and metaphysical affairs.

By the same token, it goes without saying that the planet of purification-and-refinement, transiting in the traditionally unfavored 8th house could be one challenging customer to deal with.

He could cause impediments concerning your profession and fortune, underscoring the necessity to have a clear roadmap, career plan, and proactive coping strategies in place. And classical authorities warn that the mind might gravitate towards mean, unrighteous activities, as the 8th house is home to sins and misfortunes. But then, this possibility is highly preventable, if you deploy the powers of your freewill in conjunction with the all-pervasive Divine will.

In any case, Sagittarius, the sign of the greatest benefic Jupiter, wherein Saturn transits, could get dim out a bit of Saturn’s natural dark streak.

All in all, vigilance, patience, and discretion should help you navigate this period advantageously!

Taurus Family and love

Famil & Love

You will do well to act with tact and diplomacy in your dealings with your family members, including your spouse and children, at this delicate time. Use open, straightforward communications to keep misunderstandings and differences at bay.

You may need to give special attention to the health of your father as well as to your personal relationship with him.

Though you may enjoy domestic pleasures abundantly, take care to give the much needed psychological attention, love, tenderness, and care to your spouse or lover for the sake of domestic happiness and harmony.

Taurus Health


It’s important that you pay close attention to the wellness of your mind. Practicing yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises regularly will help you manage life stress effectively.

Avoid overindulging in food and drinks. Be on watch against gastro-intestinal problems and digestive maladies. Make sure you consume a high-fiber, low-fat diet, with plenty of water. Your heart health may need to be monitored regularly. Be wary of accidents or injuries to the legs.

Keep an eye on your father’s health. Give particular attention to the health of your children, taking extra good care of their emotional needs and issues.

Taurus Finances


Exercise restraint over your expenses so your wealth may be safeguarded. Especially, be wary of spendings on speculative products, and luxury goods and services.

Buying insurance products and services may be highly beneficial.

You would be well-advised to opt for loan refinancing, if you have multiple debts. This may make management of debts easier, cheaper. It would be sensible to avoid taking out new loans.

Inheritance and property related matters may work to your advantage. Sudden wealth and accrual of much gains through your better half or love-partner is quite likely.

Taurus Career


Growth and expansion of career may call for careful planning and perseverance. Your spouse’s career may take off big time, witnessing job promotion and increment in income. Those whose careers are relating to insurance, funeral homes, hospitals, healthcare, spirituality, religion, and such, may see phenomenal growth. A patient wait-and-watch approach may help bid goodbye to anything that could hamper your professional progress at this time.

Taurus Education


It is important that you adopt a more disciplined approach towards your studies in order to make school education and other learning pursuits fruitful at this time. You could profit by buddying up with a studious classmate and also going to tuitions. Higher studies may benefit from having a mentor regularly monitor the progress. This is a profitable time for researchers works and studies of deep matters, theology, divinity, astrology, palmistry, gynecology, gerontology, and oceanology.


  1. Distribute free cooked black beans and rice at temple every Saturday.
  2. Donate money and food supplies to the orphaned, aged and poor.

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