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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Aries

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Aries General


Saturn, the lord of your houses of career and profits, the 10th and the 11th respectively transiting through the 9th house from your radical Moon will aspect the 3rd house, 6th house and 11th house from your Moon.

This movement has great potential to positively impact your wealth and overall prosperity, as that house signifies general luck and good fortune.

Temptations to deviate from the path of righteousness would be many and you would often find them immensely attractive. Pray to your personal deity to make you determined to stay clear of such harmful habits and routines. Do not hesitate about seeking professional help if need be. Guard your health by doing all that is needed to nourish your body and mind.

Seek to settle all disputes with your opponents amicably by adding the extra inch, if not the extra mile, so no legal issues arise.

Ensure that your charitable sensibilities and generous instincts are intact, that you seek to nurture your religious and spiritual inclinations, so peace may reign in your soul the whole way.

Aries Family and love

Famil & Love

Treat your family relationships with tenderness and generosity, so they may be a source of emotional and moral support for you.

Be considerate, cautious, and clever in your romantic matters so they may fare trouble-free and smooth. Abstain from indiscreet, short romances so they may not become a crutch for handling your domestic woes.

Handle with tact and care any inheritance-related issues with your siblings, so you may procure the benefits without any delays.

Provide close assistance to your children’s education and learning efforts. Spend more time at home with them, tutoring and helping with studies.

Aries Health


Refresh and recreate yourself every day with healthy diversions, so your mind and body stay strong to face any challenging life circumstances.

Be careful about your heart health during this transit. You are advised to have regular check-ups with your doctor.

With the possibilities of accidents or injuries to your hip, thighs, or legs, precaution is advised.

Give special care to your parents’ health.

Aries Finances


Saturn will surely shower you with ample wealth so you may have enough money to spend and to keep spending!

You may expect ample financial gains through your father and elder siblings.

Take care to attend to your house repairs and vehicle troubles at the very outset, in a timely fashion, so that fixing them may not drain your savings.

Saturn’s generosity and goodness towards you, as he transits your 9th house of good fortune, is very much guaranteed by the fact that he is indeed the lord of the houses of both your profession and profits, the 10th and the 11th, in your native Moon Chart.

So your finances will bloom, boom, and vroom!

Aries Career


Saturn will ensure that your career thrives and flourishes. Job promotions, increased wages, performance rewards, are all very possible. Be wary of competitions arising along the way. Be careful that you keep your distance from argumentative or rumor-mongering colleagues at work during this time. Family businesses might see their best days.

Aries Education


Your learning and educational activities may require extra bit of hard work and determination in order for you to be successful and win top honors. School children must be watchful that they don’t misbehave or engage in mean, rebellious, forbidden acts. University students must keep away from getting in trouble with authorities, so their studies may not be inconvenienced in any way.


  1. Donate yellow-colored clothes to the poor and needy
  2. Feed cooked chick-peas and rice to the hungry every Thursday at temple
  3. Recite with devotion the “Om Guruve Namaha” mantra 108 times daily

These corrective actions will strengthen your 9th house, as well as its lord Jupiter, so as to counteract the adverse effects of Saturn’s transit therein.

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