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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Aries

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Aries Ascendant

in English
Aries General

Saturn transit will happen in the tenth and eleventh house for Aries this 2022. From Aquarius, the Saturn transit will commence on April 29 and go on till July 11, and it will bring in big gains and some moderate changes to your life. During most parts of the year, Saturn will transit into your tenth house in the sign Capricorn, and it will shower you with success, but only if you work hard. On July 12, Saturn will come back to Capricorn from Aquarius, resulting in excessive workload and additional responsibilities at work. Regression of Saturn will happen from June 5 to October 23, 2022. This will bring sluggishness in work and personal life. Overall your destiny will be favourable this year.

Aries Career

For your recognition and growth, it is crucial to be patient. Only with continuous effort you will attain excellence and applauds by seniors and higher authorities. For some, Arian's promotion and pay increase are on the cards for this year-end. People who have commenced a new job will enjoy success during the initial months and year-end. Businesspersons are sure to earn considerable gains and growth in their projects. All necessary endeavours will be accomplished this year. Those unemployed will get a good job, and for some Arians, the new job is in the line, but hard work and growth are synonymous for Arians. Some fortunate Arians working abroad may become wealthy this year. Those in government jobs may rise to a higher position in 2022.

Aries Love and Relationship

Family life will be peaceful, yet some arguments and disagreements are common among family members, and they may occur often. Despite this, family harmony will not be disturbed during the larger part of 2022. To add to this, your relationship with your parent, brothers and sister, and other relatives will be cordial.

Though some Arians may be involved in love affairs, they may not last long. Some lucky ones will get married this year-end. Arians involved in the long term will end in a temporary or permanent breakup. Your work life may affect your romantic life. Single Arians will enjoy a passionate love life but will result in being cheated.

Aries Marital Life

Your marital relationship will be rosy. You, along with your spouse, may travel to some bizarre locations. Some couples can expect childbirth. You will strive to satisfy the wishes of your partner. The health of your spouse may be a cause of concern. You will enjoy the support of your spouse throughout the year. Some Arians may earn decent money and help their better half and their family in 2022.

Aries Finances

Businesses engaged abroad can bring in wealth, prosperity and success this year. Arians will enjoy no dearth of money this year. If you plan to buy a house or vehicle, this is the right time. Arians in the Impex business will reach new heights and gains. You can harp on speculative gains between March and April 2022. There will be gains from social contacts. Expect moderate growth if you are in business. Those in the field of agriculture and real estate will profit this year. With little hard work and extra effort, you can increase your income generation by opening up avenues for multiple sources. Despite good income, your expenditure will increase because of your lavish spending.

Aries Education

Put in added efforts to excel in examinations. Arians will clear competitive tests, interviews and entrance examinations. Concentrate on your academics to enhance your performance. Those Arians students abroad will be successful in their studies. Scholarship for higher education is on the cards.

Those who are not focused on their academics may stand to lose their progress. Medical, IT and engineering Arians will be successful with luck favouring you this year.

Aries Health

Arians will enjoy good health this year. Though, those people with diabetes need doctor consultation regularly. If you have a chronic illness, relief is sure. Be cautious of eye-related issues. Medical expenses will be negligible this year. Take high nutrient food and do regular workouts. Meditation, yoga and exercise will pave the way for a healthy life.

Aries Remedies

Pray to Lord Hanuman reciting his Chalisa everyday

On Tuesdays, go to the Hanuman temple and offer jasmine oil or olive oil to the diety

On Saturday, feed cows, dogs and birds

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, gift clothes, money and food to the deprived and temple priests

On consultation of an astrologer, you can adorn pearl or red coral for instant success

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025