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Saturn Transit 2023 to 2025 Predictions for Gemini

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Gemini Moon

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Gemini General

For Gemini natives, Saturn transit will happen in Aquarius, which is your 9th house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on January 17th 2023, and it is going to be in Aquarius till 29th March 2025. This time, the transit is going to last for 26 months. Saturn rules the 8th house and 9th house from your Moon sign.

For Geminians, the transit of Saturn is going to happen in the ninth house, which is linked to your relationship with your father, fortunes, and spirituality. As Saturn is entering his own sign, which is also its moolatrikona house, you will be fortunate. Earlier, the Saturn position was in the 8th house from the Moon sign, which resulted in unmet expectations, depression, obstacles, and unexpected financial loss. Now all this may come to an end. This transit could be the ideal time to attract good things into your life.

Gemini Career

Saturn is all about hard work with commitment. He may be slow in giving results, but he never denies them. Obstacles and challenges may affect your efforts, and that's the work of Saturn. The good thing is that these hurdles and hindrances are not too bad when compared to the earlier period. Try to make clear plans in your day-to-day activities at work, know your roles and responsibilities, identify your weaknesses and overcome them. All this could work wonders in your career.

Gemini Love and Relationship

There may be conflicts with your younger sibling that may lead to estrangement in the relationship. Your father may delay giving you the support you expected in your hour of need. Your children's behavior may impact your inner peace. If you try to adjust, such problems can be resolved. Singles will find good partners this time

Gemini Marital Life

The marital relationship looks good, and the bonding will be fine. Both of you will understand each other, and your needs may be fulfilled. Avoid jealousy, greed, and lust.

Gemini Finances

Till April 2023, the money flow may be smooth, but later, it may slow down. You need to plan all your investments in such a way that they attract abundant results. Put a hold on unwanted expenses. A few may invest in property deals. To expand your business, you can avail of loans. Seek the advice of your close ones for clarity.

Gemini Education

Students will prove their worth, and all their hard work will bring results. You may try to score high marks. You will catch the attention of others with your creative thoughts, research, and ideas. Those who are preparing for competitive exams may crack them. At times, there may be some hindrances that may prevent you from achieving your goals. Do not give up and maintain your morale and positive attitude.

Gemini Health

All of us wish for an active life with no illness. But the planetary combinations and transits may cause problems. Some may have blood disorders, knee-related issues, and cold or cough. Do not take your health lightly, and remain vigilant. You need to be careful when driving to avoid accidents and major injuries. There is no need to be worried. Just be cautious. Avoid unwanted stress and take part in physical fitness activities. Follow a strict diet and consume more fiber, greens, fresh juices, fruits, etc., which will strengthen the immune system.

Gemini Remedies

Donate blankets and clothes to poor and homeless people on Saturdays.

Offer sesame mixed rice to the needy on Saturdays.

If possible, involve yourself in acts of service on Saturdays.

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Remedies for Saturn Transit 2023

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Saturn Transit 2023 to 2025