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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025 Predictions for Gemini

Saturn Transit in Aquarius for Gemini Ascendant

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Gemini General

The transit of Saturn in the ninth house will start from April 29 and continue till July 12, bringing immense gains, success, as well as authority, which will be favourable to you. Any unfulfilled desires will be accomplished this year with luck in your favour all the time. Geminians will gain from the stock market and investments. Though, the Saturn transit in the regressive movement in Capricorn in the eighth house will bring both professional and personal problems until October this year. You will face hurdles till the middle of 2022. But you can expect your power and position to reach new heights at work.

Gemini Career

Your professional life will be a mixed bag this year. Whenever you start a new job, you are likely to face challenges initially. Geminians will hit roadblocks when it comes to fulfilling your goals. You can expect unwanted interruptions in your projects, which could test your patience. Your contemporaries and seniors will keep a watch on your work. With extra burden at work, your mental peace is sure to be dampened. For some Geminians, excellent job opportunities will open in government, and for some, promotions are likely with increments and rewards, thanks to your dedication and discipline. Temporary delays in work can be expected this year.

If you are unemployed, there are chances you will land a good job, but adjusting to the new work culture will be challenging. Change of job is on the cards for some Geminians. If you want to start a new business, success is assured. Self-employed Geminians will earn profits. You can expect progress during the final months of 2022 if you are in the field of media, management, travelling, administration or partnership venture.

Gemini Love and Relationship

On the domestic side, peace and harmony are assured this year. But few ego issues will crop up occasionally. On the whole, the environment at home will be pleasing. Overall your bond with family and relatives will be cordial, and you can expect their support this year. Friends and colleagues will work towards your favour and offer unexpected help during a crisis.

Geminians can expect an exciting romantic life in 2022, but this will not last long. Some may even see their ideal partner this year, where the relationship may turn into a marriage. Love marriages can end in success. In romance, you can expect your partner to be loyal and devoted to the relationship. Clandestine affairs will fizzle out soon for Geminians this year. Perform Laxmi Narayana Homam for a harmonious relationship

Gemini Marital Life

Geminians will enjoy a happy married life this 2022. You can expect your spouse’s cooperation during tough times, and it will motivate you. Your spouse is sure to be a pillar of strength. You will enjoy intimacy in your relationship. Your spouse will support you financially. With growing trust and respect for each other, your relationship will grow stronger. Travel to exotic places with your better half is on the cards this year.

Gemini Finances

Speculation may bring gains for Geminians. Those in the logistics business or agriculture can expect good gains. You can expect an increase in income this year-end. Social media, sports and blogging may bring success and abundance this year. Those in designing, modelling, astrology and software can earn wealth. If you are in the advertising field, you are in for profits. Earning will increase steadily. You are in for abundance during the final months. Your wealth will grow, and some Geminians may go for a new vehicle or house. In money matters, despite expenses on the high, you will experience no scarcity.

Gemini Education

In terms of education, Geminians will display excellence in academics. In 2022, academic prospects will show brilliance. Scholarship opportunities are high. For those who want to study abroad, it’s time for a dream come true. There is scope for cracking exams for government jobs or clearing admission exams to get into premier institutions. Medical, IT and engineering students will be successful in their examinations. You will be the pride of your parents as you reach higher academic levels.

Gemini Health

The overall well-being of Geminians will be satisfactory this year. Though, some may complain of stomach aches and fever often this year. Few may even undergo minor operations. Some Geminians will be bogged by lungs and liver issues during the first part of the year. Additional medical expenses cannot be ruled out. Family members’ health may cause worry this year.

Gemini Remedies

On Saturday's feed, crow, birds and dogs.

Pray to Lord Shani in the temple by reciting his Chalisa.

On important days wear blue, black or green for work.

On Saturday give cooked food and sweets to the deprived and blind.

On Saturday, visit Shiva or Shani temple carry out an aarti.

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2025