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2017 Saturn Transit into Sagittarius
Predictions – Gemini

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Gemini General


Your lord of good luck, your 9th house ruler, Saturn’s transit in the 7th house from your Moon ascendant will bring positive changes to its significations, namely, money, relationships, daily work routine, and spouse. Your spouse and marriage may bring you happiness. Business partnerships and professional efforts may prove lucky.

But Saturn’s transit naturally comes with some caveats. Be careful about your safety during foreign trips or travels, so you may be safe and sound. Be on guard against mental anxieties and stress, urinary disorders, and issues concerning fertility and pregnancy.

Yet, you may take comfort in the thought that Saturn promises to support you well all the way through.

Gemini Family and love

Famil & Love

You may see yourself embarking on a major long-term love relationship or entering into a marriage bond.

Your spouse or lover may prove very fortunate to you, financially and emotionally.

Ensure to be integral with your dealings with opposite gender. Getting attracted towards orphaned or older members of opposite gender is possible too.

Gemini Health


It’s imperative that you give extra attention to your mental health, as Saturn in the house of mental wellness, can render you liable to stress. Practicing stress-reduction techniques regularly will go a long way in helping you maintain peace and serenity amid the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Be attentive to cleanliness, personal hygiene, and self-care. Be wary of laziness, fatigue, oversleeping, and procrastination. Be on watch against bladder, kidney, or prostate troubles, and gastro-intestinal complaints.

Your father’s health may benefit from regular monitoring and attention.

Be on guard against fatigue, accidents, robberies, fires, and other dangers during your travels.

Gemini Finances


Money may flow in and flow out in the manner of a revolving door, in great spurts. This is a good time to make provisions for long-term investments and savings. Your spouse may become wealthier. Financial help from your father may be forthcoming. It’s the right time to pay back unsettled past loans, little by little, while refraining from taking on new loans.

Since Saturn is the lord of the 9th house of fortune in your native Moon chart, any time you may find yourself hard-pressed, he will provide you the deliverance, so long as you seek to travel the straight path!

Gemini Career


You may expect positive developments in career status. There could be business or job relocation to distant places, maybe overseas. The unemployed will find gainful work. Putting extra effort into getting along with your bosses and co-workers may be expedient to make your workplace relationships favorable. You may need to be a tad flexible, practical, and sensible with your career options at this juncture.

Gemini Education


Saturn’s presence in the house of mental health, the 7th, as the most auspicious 9th house lord, endows your mind with a lot of grasping power, focus, and calm energy. High grades and success in higher studies are achievable. On the other hand, owing to Saturn’s natural malefic power, memory problems, distractions, dryness of mind, lack of focus, or apathy, at times, may not be too uncommon. Good thing that this situation is highly manageable and preventable with appropriate assistance from parents and other guides.


  1. Generously donate money, clothes, and food supplies to the poor and orphanages.
  2. Distribute free cooked black gram and rice meals at Shani temple every Saturday.
  3. Donate dark-blue clothes to the poor and needy.

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