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Tharamangalam Temple

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Introduction to Tharamangalam Temple

The temples of Salem are testimony to the religious history of Tamilnadu. Salem, an ancient district of Tamilnadu, is located 340 km from Chennai. Various deities of Hindu mythology have their abodes in this lush and fertile land. Tharamangalam Temple, otherwise known as Sri Kailasanathar Temple, is in Tharamangalam, Salem. Shiva and Parvati are the presiding deities here. Its architecture is much-admired among Indian temples.

Legend of the Tharamangalam Temple

Tharamangalam Temple

The temple has many legends surrounding it. As Vishnu handed over her sister Parvati (thaarai vaarthu koduthal) to Shiva through a marriage ceremony at this place, it is called Tharamangalam. Another legend is that Suriyan and Chandran worshipped Shiva in the evening; hence, they are also called Tharakapathy and Tharakan.

One more legend says that Vali's wife, Tharakai, constructed the Tharamangalam Temple and worshipped Shiva here. Hence it is called Tharamangalam.

When King Getti Mudali ruled the region with Amarakundhi as the capital, one cow denied milk to the people. But, it poured milk on a particular place. So, the angry king beat his servant, who was in charge of the cows. Shiva appeared in the king's dream and revealed that he was buried in the mud with a treasure at the spot where the cow poured milk. The king found the Shiva lingam and constructed this temple using the buried treasure. It is one of the legends mentioned in the inscriptions of the Tharamangalam Temple.

The Architecture of the Tharamangalam Temple

This ancient 10th-century temple attracts many pilgrims and tourists. It boasts unique stone sculptures, vast halls, and ornate pillars. Records claim that the entire temple was completed in the 17th century during the Getti Mudali dynasty. Monolithic stones, scriptures, and wonderful carvings are some of the interesting aspects of the temple. The stone carving of the Yali (a mystic animal) with a stone ball in its mouth is an exquisite feature of the Tharamangalam Temple.

The temple entrance is 90 ft in height, with five storeys. It looks like elephants and horses driving a chariot. At the entrance, devotees can see Nandi just opposite the sanctum of the main deities. A notable feature is that sunlight falls on the horns of the Nandi on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of Masi month, and the light reflection looks like a crescent on Shiva's idol.

Tharamangalam Temple's huge stone wall of 306′ by 164′ was constructed in the 13th century. Non-rusting iron rods decorate the walls, and the door panels are beautifully carved from wood with Vishnu's avatars which are only seen here. A 5-tiered, west-facing Rajagopuram greets devotees. A pillared corridor surrounds the spacious inner courtyard.

Sri Kailasanathar and Sivakama Sundari are the main deities enshrined in the sanctum. Devotees can get darshan in his sanctum through a six-carved stone pillared portico.

Festivals of Tharamangalam Temple

Thaipoosam, a 15-day float festival that falls in January-February, draws a massive crowd of devotees to the temple. Shivaratri, Tiruvadhirai, Tirukarthikai, Pradosham, Full-moon days, Deepavali, and Makara Sankranti, are grandly celebrated in the Temple.

Benefits of worshipping in Tharamangalam Temple

Devotees come here to fulfill many wishes like marriage, education, job, own house, and progeny. After wish-fulfilment, the devotees come back to the temple and perform Abishekam to Shiva and Parvati as a token of gratitude. They also offer Neivedyam to the deities and then distribute it to the devotees. Devotees whose prayers are successful perform Annadhana in Tharamangalam Temple.

How to reach Tharamangalam Temple?
By Road

Many private and government buses are operated from and to the temple across districts and other states. Even private cabs and local buses are available for local residents. The bus routes are highly flexible.

By Train

Salem Main Junction is the nearest railway station to the temple and is 20 km from the temple.

By Air

Salem domestic Airport is the nearest airport to the Tharamangalam Temple, at 16 km. Trichy Airport is the nearest International Airport, 160 km from the temple.

Tharamangalam Temple timings

The temple is open from 6.00 am to 11.00 am and from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

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