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Krishnagiri Jain Temple

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Jains are one of the wealthiest communities in India and also among the most educated. Stats and surveys show they have a high literacy rate, and as many as 34% of the adults of the Jain community hold a college degree. The people of this community are fully committed to the belief in non-violence, and almost all are vegetarians. Additionally, they are very devout to their religion and take religious practices seriously. The proof of this devotion can be seen in the temples they have built. One such Temple is the magnificent Krishangiri Jain Temple.

Cheruvugattu Temple

Introduction to Krishnagiri Jain Temple

There are 24 Theerthankars in Jain Dharma. The 23rd Theerthankar is called Swami Parshwanathbahgwan, and a Temple at Krishnagiri is dedicated to this Theerthankar. Baghwan Parshwanath is worshipped in this Temple as per Jainism tradition. This Temple is located in Orappam Village, which is 6km from Krishnagiri, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Temple administration is handled by an organisation that Sri Vasanth Gurudev Ji established. The organisation takes care of the building maintenance and strives to maintain harmony and peace in society.

Legend of Krishnagiri Jain Temple

The Krishnagiri Jain Temple was not very famous in the initial days of its development, like the Gomateshwara Temple in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka. But Shri Vasnath Gurudev Ji renovated and developed it into what it is now. This development was done to show devotion to the 23rd Theerthankar, Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan. Among the many other things he did for the Temple, he also started many campaigns for the betterment of society. Once his campaigns became successful, tourists thronged this beautiful Temple.

This Temple now attracts millions of people annually across India and the world. The Temple holds several records as one of the most famous tourist places in South India. It is also the world's highest Jain Temple, with images of Teerthankar Arihanta Paramatmas.

The Architecture of Krishnagiri Jain Temple

The Krishnagiri Jain Temple, dedicated to the 23rd Theerthankar, Sri Parshwanath Bhagwan, is one of the best Jain temples in South India. It is also called the Shree Parshwa Padmavathe Shaktipeeth Thirth Dham. The Temple is more than 365 feet in height, and the property, and the statue are made of exquisite stones. The interiors of the Temple are made from high-quality marble, and because of this, the Temple remains cool even in the hottest of temperatures. The Temple has a grand architecture similar to other Jain temples across India. Apart from the main Temple, other small temples are on the same premises. The property is well maintained and very hygienic. The environment around and inside the Temple is pure and clean.

Festivals Related to Krishnagiri Jain Temple

Religious festivals are an important and integral part of the Jain community. They are done with the main focus of having communal celebrations with people from all walks of life coming together to show devotion and to gain merit. The important days are called Parvan in the Jain calendar, and religious observances like fasting and later feasting are done. Mahavir Jayanti is one of the famous festivals celebrated in the Krishnagiri Jain Temple. It is celebrated to observe the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira. It falls on the 13th Day of Chaitra, and the festival is celebrated with great pomp. Both the Jain sects, the Svetambaras and the Digambaras, celebrate this festival. On this Day, Jains throng Krishnagiri Temple to revere their Gurus and the Theerthanakars.

Benefits of Worshipping in Krishnagiri Jain Temple

The Jain gurus and Theerthankars have also preached the importance of meditation, showing devotion to the Lord, renunciation, austerities, repetition of hymns, and study of holy books. The Krishnagiri Jain Temple provides all of these in one place. It is a place where you can do Aathma Sadhana which is understanding your true self. That can be achieved through bhakti and pooja. When you come to this Temple, which is a platform for harmony and peace, you get just that.

Temple Location and Timings of Krishnagiri Jain Temple

The Temple is in Sadhanapalli, Tamil Nadu, on the outskirts of Krishnagiri. The place is an ideal location for those who want to have some peace of mind. The Temple is a beautiful and magnificent structure, and the organisation that runs it has maintained it to perfection. It also promotes activities and social work to help the needy. Anna Daan is performed on a large scale to feed those who are hungry with the motive of no one sleeps on an empty stomach.

The Temple has standard timings that are followed by other temples. It is open between 6 am and 9 pm. The Temple attracts tourists worldwide and has become one of the most valued places for Jains. So it is best to come early to enjoy the Temple in peace.

How to reach Krishnagiri Jain Temple

By Road: It is 5 km from Krishnagiri city and 5 hours travel from Chennai.

By Train: Hosur and Dharmapuri and the nearest railway station to this Temple.

By Air: The airport in Bangalore is the nearest to this Temple. It is advisable to resort to roadways from the Temple.

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