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Kamadhenu Kshetra

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The Kamadhenu Kshetra has been established with the blessings of Sri Raghavendra Swamy and lies on the Magadi Road, Kadabagere Cross, Bengaluru. The temple is divine and fulfills the wishes of the devotees.

Kamadhenu is Go Matha. She is also known as Surabhi and is a divine bovine Goddess who is considered the mother of all cows. The place has been so named because Sri Raghavendra Swamiji is called Kaliyuga Kalpataru, Kamadhenu, and Kalpavruksha, and is also known as Jagadguru.

History of Kamadhenu Kshetra

Kamadhenu Kshetra

The Kamadhenu Kshetra was started nearly twenty years ago by Sri Dharmadarshi S.N.Gurushesh. The site was a remote area. In the last eight years, a new temple has been constructed and gives the ambiance and spiritual feel of Mantralaya.

Architecture of Kamdhenu Kshetra

The Brindavan has been constructed with twelve stone carved pillars with two big elephants installed in front of the Garbhagudi entrance.

The Kamadhenu Kshetra Temple has a Garbhagudi idol carved out of a single Shaligrama stone. It holds the God Bhu Varahaswamy, Anjaneya, and Raghavendra Swamy.

The temple has a separate room that houses the Goddesses, Sreevalli and Kalpavalli.

This is the only place in India where they have installed 108 crores of Sri Raghavendra written books, the Raghavendraya Namaha Lekhana Mahayagna Brindavana, which is called Mrithika Brindavana. There is a Tulasi garden on the premises.

The Kamadhenu Kshetra houses a supermarket complex where people can purchase fresh vegetables, fruits, cane juice, and other condiments. The temple premise has a shop where divine articles can be purchased.

Significance of Kamadhenu Kshetra

Devotees who visit the temple regularly and at least once a week, taking blessings, experience miracles. Visiting the temple on Thursdays is very auspicious for Sri Raghavendra Swamy and, also, on Sundays. Devotees have experienced miracles in terms of health issues, marriage proposals, jobs, and progeny. One such incident is about a person who was in a coma for five years. He is healthy and well today.

Rituals Associated with Kamadhenu Kshetra

Devotees can offer Nitya Thuppada Deepotsava (daily ghee lamps) in addition to 21 types of special arathis, arranging bhajans and Astavadana Seva, which is performed on Thursdays. The devotees offer the ghee deepams in the Sannidhana, through a token system.

The temple serves Prasadam on Thursdays and Sundays to people visiting the temple. People can donate generously in terms of rice, lentils, ghee, cooking oil, that can help serve Prasadam to devotees. People can also donate cement, bricks, and iron required for the construction of any further expansion of the temple.

Benefits of Worshipping at Kamadhenu Kshetra

The main aim of the temple is to give a sense of direction to society to spread the awareness of assertive direction that helps one to be self-sufficient, confident, and independent. The temple is built with the intent to spread spiritual awareness among the people with traditional knowledge and conduct that can help enhance the field of social and economic development.

Devotees have all experienced that healing touch after visiting the Kamadhenu Kshetra at each visit. People have had their prayers and wishes answered in terms of health issues, marriage proposals, jobs, progeny, or any other issue.

Festivals Celebrated at Kamadhenu Kshetra

The temple conducts the Sri Lakshmi Pooja, daily Tulasi Pooja, Seva for Sri Raghavendra Swamiji, Swarna Gowri Vrata, Nagara Chauthi and Panchami, Gandana Pooja, Upakarma, Sri Vara Maha Lakshmi Vrata and Shravana Masa Lakshmi Pooja.

The temple celebrates Sri Krishna Janmashtami, the Gowri Ganesha festival, and the Dussehra festival.

Temple Timings of Kamadhenu Kshetra

Monday to Wednesday, Friday: 08.00 am - 06.00 pm

Thursday and Sunday: 07.00 a m - 07.30 pm

How to Reach Kamadhenu Kshetra
By Air

The temple is located 48 kilometers away from the Bengaluru International Airport.

By Rail

The temple is located 19 kilometers away from the Bangalore City Railway Station.

By Road

There are public buses that have frequency. The closest bus station to Kamadhenu Kshetra is at Krishnarajendra Market in Kammasandra, which is just a two-minute walk to the temple.

By car, the temple is 22 kilometers away from Bengaluru and takes 26 minutes to reach.

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