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Sudarshana Mantra

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Maha Sudarshana Mantra is the mantra related to Lord Vishnu and his avatar Sudarshan. Chanting the mantra helps one relieve from bad luck, bad finances, and health issues. It fulfills a person’s mental state with happiness by bestowing him with all worldly things. 

The Deity

Lord Sudarshana is Lord Vishnu. The Lord holds the Sudarshana Chakra in his rear right hand. The other three hands hold a conch, mace, and a lotus flower. The form of Vishnu while holding the Sudarshana Chakra is known as Lord Sudarshana.

As worshipping Lord Vishnu puts an end to a person’s suffering, chanting his mantra provides the same effects.

The Sudarshana Chakra

Here we will know the Sudarshana Chakra and its meaning. The word Sudarshana is made of two words “Su” and “Darshana.” The word itself translates to auspicious vision; hence this is not only a Chakra but also a divine tool that lets one see the path clearly without any haze.

The Chakra clears the path of devotees toward salvation. The blades of the Chakra slice off the evil and all demonic power while shielding the devotees of Vishnu who recite the Sudarshana Mantra.

The disc of the Chakra denotes Lord Agni as it generates immense heat while rotating. The circular ring in the Chakra is a sign of fire which denotes Lord Sun. Thus the Chakra, other than being the divine weapon of Lord Vishnu, is also a weapon worthy of worship.

Those who chant the Sudarshana Mantra submit their prayers to Lord Vishnu as well as the Chakra, so every part of the Chakra starts working in favor of the individual. Since the Chakra is also able to identify its enemies in the directions, it also keeps the Dharma protected.

Maha Sudarshana Mantra

The mantra works by cutting off all unnecessary elements from your life. It helps you identify the most important things and heals a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. This mantra provides the grace of Vishnu by which a person starts making the right life decisions that every decision leads him toward the path of success and prosperity.

In life, our actions define our future, and if we understand the power of every decision while making it, we can’t be defeated by any power. Such power is bestowed to us by Sudarshana Mantra.

The Mantra

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Krishnaaya Govindaaya Gopeejana Vallabhaya Paraya Param Purushaaya Paramathman Para Karma Manthtra Yanthra Tanthra Oushadha Visha Aabichara Astra Shastra Samhara Samhara Mrithiyur Mochaya Mochaya Om Namo Bhagavathey Maha Sudarshanaya Om Preem Reem Rum Deepthrey Jwala Pareethaya Sarwa Digkchobhanakaraye Karaeya Hum Phat Para Bhrahmaney Param Jyothish Swaha Om Namo Bhagavathey Sudarshanaya Om Namo Bhagvathey Maha Sudarshanaya Maha Chakraya Maha Jwaalaya Sarva Roga Prashamanaya Karma Bandha Vimochanaya Paadaathimastha Paryanthan Vaada Janitha Rogaan Pitha Janitha Rogaan Shlesma Janitha Rogaan Daathusankalikoth Bhava Naanaa Vikaara Rogaan Nasaya Nasaya Prasamaya Prasamaya

The meaning of the mantra goes like this, “O Lord Krishna, you protect the universe, and you control it. You are the supreme power, and you are the beloved of the gopikas. Oh Lord, protect me from every evil power. You who has the entire world in his hands. You who holds the Sudarshana Chakra and destroys every injustice, I surrender myself to you.”

Chanting The Maha Sudarshana Mantra

To start the chanting of Maha Sudarshana Mantra, one should choose the day of Ekadashi as it is very auspicious. One can also choose the nakshatra birthdays. Devotees can chant the mantra every day to make it work. If not daily, chanting the mantra on Wednesday and Saturday also brings beneficial results.

How to Chant the Maha Sudarshana Mantra?

While chanting the Maha Sudarshana Mantra, Sesame laddus can be offered to Lord Vishnu. You can also offer sweet items other than sesame laddoos.

Take a bath early in the morning and recite the mantra in front of Vishnu’s idol. You can recite the mantras 3, 9, 11, or 108 times as best suited.

Offering tulsi leaves and lotus flowers to Lord Vishnu brings additional benefits.

Use Japa Mala if you can while chanting the mantra. The Mala should be of tulsi or quartz crystals.

A Quick View on the Benefits of Maha Sudarshana Mantra
  • Chanting the mantra diminishes the effects of doshas from one’s horoscope.
  • Regular chanting creates a protective shield around the devotee which protects it against any evil power.
  • The mantra can be chanted by anyone regardless of age and gender. When chanted by a pregnant woman, it blesses both the mother and the “to-be-born” child.
  • The mantra makes one confident and fearless.
  • The mantra develops you spiritually and connects you to the Universe or God.
  • The vibrations of the mantra keep one physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.
  • If one chants the mantra regularly, it provides him a sense of joy in everyday life.
Connect With The Divine

The sacred scriptures prescribe fire ceremony, Abishekam (hydration ceremony), Pooja/Archana (Light and Sound ceremony), Yantra and Mantra (special sounds) as the ways to offer your prayer to the divine. Out of these, fire ceremony is the most evolved spiritual technology on earth to connect with the divine beings. Participate in the remedial services to clear your karma and receive the blessings.

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