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Kuber Mantra

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Lord Kuber is known as the treasurer; he is the keep of wealth. Lord Kubera is a Deva who represents wealth and prosperity. He guards all the treasures of heaven; he is a member of the Brahma family and works along with Goddess Laxmi. Kubera is known as the son of Vishrava and Illavida; he is married to Kauberi and has four children.

There is a legend related to Kubera, according to which Kubera was made fun of by people for his obese look. This disheartened Kubera, and to gain his respect back, he did severe penance to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, in return, gave him the boon of being a keeper of all the wealth in the world. After which, no man made fun of Kubera; instead, they started worshipping him and seeking his sanctification to get wealth and prosperity.

Lord Kubera is named Kuber as he has an ill-shaped body and a dwarf structure. His body has some deformities; however, he has a complexion of a lotus leaf. He has only eight teeth, and his left eye is yellow; Kubera has three legs. Being the deity of wealth, he stays adorned with heavy jewelry and is signified carrying a bag full of gold coins.


Pushpak, or the flying chariot is the mount of Kubera; it was gifted to him by Lord Brahma. In some texts, he is described as a Deva who holds a mace, a pomegranate, or a money bag in his hand. In some texts, mongoose and elephant are also associated with him.

Kuber mantra is the only and ultimate way to win the blessings of Lord Kubera. It is said that once Lord Kubera showers his grace upon someone, the person never gets out of wealth. Kubera can make even a Fakir the richest. However, one should not have wrong intentions in his mind and should always be on the right path along with chanting the Kubra mantra. The person should have gratitude in his heart and devotion toward the almighty, only then can he get the sanctification of Kubera.

Anegudde Vinayaka


“Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye
Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha॥”


I bow down to Lord Kuber, who keeps all the wealth in the world and makes people succeed in life.


When you chant the Kubra mantra regularly, it starts bringing prosperity to your life. If the family remains calm and down to earth even after receiving all the world's wealth, they continue getting the blessings of Kubera. The mantra also gives people status in society and increases their confidence significantly.


“Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshvaraya Namah॥”


I bow to the Lord Kuber, who is the giver of wealth and fame and destroyer of all that is evil.


When one chants this mantra, it prevents all financial losses in your business or anything you invest in. The mantra brings you only benefits; however, one should be completely devoted to Kubera.


“Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Shreem Kuberaya Ashta-Lakshmi
Mama Grihe Dhanam Puraya Puraya Namah॥”


Ode to the Superior Lord Kuber, the partner of Goddess Laxmi, to bestow upon me all the wealth and happiness of the world.


The mantra is to develop devotion in a person. When one achieves a good level of devotion, Lord Kubera begins to listen to the devotee's prayers. When worshipped together with Goddess Laxmi, Kubera reveals the most benefits to the devotee.


Devotee can chant the Kuber mantra while worshipping Kuber Yantra. However, one should chant the mantra at least for 21 days and 108 times around.

One should be in a clean physical state while having purity in mind.

One can invite wealth and prosperity from Kuber using these mantras. However, people who develop arrogance after receiving wealth surely see their downfall and never become able to get the grace of Kuber again.

One should chant the Kubera mantra when there are genuine reasons, such as when one finds difficulty clearing their debts or facing immense business loss.

Connect With The Divine

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AstroVed Temple Services for Kubera

Kubera is a Yaksha. Yakshas are the guardians of wealth and Lord Kubera is their king, who is in charge of wealth.

Kubera Fire Lab

This Homa (Fire Lab) is dedicated to Ganesha as the chief archetype and is performed with due reverence and respect.

Kubera Yantra

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