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Tarabalam (Supportive Star Energy)

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Are you planning to begin an important assignment today? Is the day favorable for you to perform that task?

Tarabalam plays a vital role in choosing the right day for a particular task.

What is Tarabalam?

‘Tara’ means star and ‘Balam’ means strength. Hence, the name itself indicates whether the star of the day has the power to bestow favorable result for you.

A day’s auspiciousness and Nakshatra (star) play a crucial role in deciding the output of the action. According to Muhurta Shastra (Electional Astrology), Tarabalam signifies the special relationship between your birth star and the star of the day.

Totally, there are nine types of Tarabalam as following. Out of these nine types, 2,4,6,8 and 9 are considered auspicious to begin any activity.

Value Tarabalam Meaning Result
1 Janma Tara Birth Mixed
2 Sampat Tara Wealth Very Good
3 Vipat Tara Danger Bad
4 Kshema Tara Well-being Good
5 Pratyak Tara Obstacles Not Good
6 Sadhana Tara Achievement Very good
7 Naidhana Tara Death Totally Bad
8 Mitra Tara Friend Good
9 Parama Mitra Tara Best friend Good

How to Calculate Tarabalam?

Count the number of Nakshatras (stars) from your birth star until the star of the day. If the number falls between 1 and 9, then look at the above table for the corresponding value. If the count from your birth star to the star of the day exceeds 9, then divide the number by 9. The remainder value can be seen in the table, and the result can be accessed.

For example, if you are born in Swati star and the star of the day is Hasta. Start counting the stars from Swati. Hasta will be the 26th star. Divide 26 by 9 and the remainder is 8. Check the result for 8 which is “Mitra Tara.” So, Hasta star day is favorable to start anything auspicious. Likewise, you can count the star of the day from your birth star to see if the star energy is supportive of your activities.