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Kemadruma Dosha


The planets, stars, and zodiacs greatly influence our lives and reflect past life deeds. At the time of our birth, they play a significant role in determining how our life will be impacted. Apart from the date, time, and place of birth, the role of the planets is important. Their positioning in the natal chart (horoscope) will indicate positive and negative aspects of nature and events that will unfold. The transition of planets, too, will influence our life’s journey.

According to Vedic Astrology, a dosha occurs when some unfavorable or negative conditions are present in the birth chart. The positions of malefic planets in the twelve houses in the birth chart can overshadow the good aspects. Hence, a native will feel the adverse impact or effects of a dosha.

Kemadruma Dosha

What is Kemadruma Dosha?

Kemadruma Dosha is one of the most prominent among doshas. It is associated with the Moon, the ruler of the mind, and its emotions. Hence, this dosha holds great significance in a native’s birth chart. The dosha occurs when both sides of the Moon in a natal chart are vacant.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Kemadruma Dosha

Kemadruma Dosha occurs when there are no planets on both sides of the Moon in a birth chart. If the 2nd House and 12th House from the Moon are free of any planets, then the Kemadruma Dosha occurs. This dosha is not considered auspicious.

How Kemadruma Dosha Can Impact an Individual

Native suffering from the Kemadruma Dosha in his/her birth chart may face numerous struggles and problems in life.

  • Worry and fear will assail the afflicted.
  • Plagued by social stigma.
  • Faced with failures and misery.
  • Huge financial losses and poverty.
  • May experience ill health.
  • Lack of peace of mind.
  • Lack of progeny.
  • Anger and confusion may prevail in native.

Home Remedies for Kemadruma Dosha

  • Fast on the day of Purnima for two consecutive years.
  • Visit a Shiva temple on Mondays and pour raw milk on Shivalinga, and worship Shiva. Some people also pour water mixed with sesame seeds.
  • Chant Sri Suktam regularly.
  • Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra 108 times daily or at least on all Mondays.
  • Drink milk from a silver cup at night mixed with honey and turmeric and chant ‘Om Sri Somaya Namaha’ 108 times daily.
  • Keep Vrat (fast) on Mondays, especially on Purnima (Full Moon) and Amavasya (No Moon) days.
  • Meditate daily and practice Pranayama (breathing techniques).
  • Donate milk to poor people, mothers, and children.
  • Consume food from a silver plate.

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