Unfavorable Conjunction Disturbs Personal and Professional Life

Vedic Remedies to Mitigate Affliction and Bring Progress

What is Shrapit Dosha?

Shrapit Dosha occurs in a natal chart when Saturn and Rahu are placed in a single sign. Shrapit means a curse by someone from a past life. This Dosha results from the wrong actions of a native in a past life. A native is cursed by someone for their misdeeds in a past life. It is considered bad luck to have past life Karma chasing one’s existence in the present one. Whatever happens in this life is a reflection of bad karma from the past life.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Shrapit Dosha

There are two ways Shrapit Dosha can happen in a horoscope. It can occur when Saturn and Rahu are placed in the same house, or it could also happen when Saturn can easily aspect Rahu. However, the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is the main reason for the occurrence of this deadly Dosha.

Having this Dosha in the birth chart means that the person is cursed, and this Dosha can nullify the positive effects of good Yogas (Positive Combinations).

How Shrapit Dosha Can Impact You

Shrapit Dosha can impact a native badly, reflecting the result of bad karma from the past life. A native can face many hurdles without any visible cause and not know what is affecting them. There are many problems that a native may experience as the malefic effects of this Dosha.

  • Problems in academic pursuits
  • Hurdles in business
  • Huge financial losses
  • Frequent illnesses of children
  • Lack of progeny
  • Marital discord
  • Legal battles and enmity
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Low self-confidence

How to Reduce the Impact of Shrapit Dosha

Home Remedies for Shrapit Dosha

  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Feed the crows and stray animals on Saturdays.
  • Feed poor people and help the needy and older people on Saturdays.
  • Light incense sticks near Hanuman as the smoke is Rahu, and Hanuman can control Rahu.
  • Chant Rahu and Saturn Mantras 108 times daily.
  • Light 8 lamps at home with sesame oil facing west on Saturdays.
  • Keep a horseshoe on the western wall of the house.
  • Sprinkle Ganges water and rock salt on the western quarter of the house on Saturdays.
  • Wear gemstone Blue Sapphire for Saturn or Gomed for Rahu only if an astrologer advises.
  • Wear 4 or 8-faced Rudraksha.

Homa Recommended to Remedy Shrapit Dosha

Saturn Homa (Saturn Blessings Fire Lab)

Saturn Homa (Saturn Blessings Fire Lab)

The Saturn Homa (Fire Lab) is dedicated to the planet Saturn and is performed to appease and harness his blessings to overcome trials and tribulations in life. Saturn’s powerful energy can affect your life and at times may seem to be overbearing, but the purpose of its influence is to guide you towards the right path.

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Panchamukha Hanuman Homa (5-Faced Hanuman Blessings Fire Lab)

Panchamukha Hanuman Homa (5-Faced Hanuman Blessings Fire Lab)

The Panchamukhi Hanuman Homa invokes the amazing five-faced Panchamukhi form of the mighty God Hanuman. Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya, is a staunch Rama Bhakta and is also believed to be an aspect of Shiva. He remains a rare combination of great physical and mental strength, courage and humility, intellect, scholarship, eloquence, and devotion. This monkey-faced God is the divine son of Vayu, the wind God, and remains a Chiranjeevi, an immortal.

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Durga Homa (Negativity Crushing Durga Fire Lab)

Durga Homa (Negativity Crushing Durga Fire Lab)

Durga Fire Lab- This Fire Lab is targeted to help with dating/marital related issues. Invoke Goddess Durga, who has the power to bless you to overcome marital and relationship issues.

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AstroVed’s Dosha Remedial Programs

Human lives are closely bonded with the planetary system, their positions, and their movements. Much of what transpires among the celestial bodies they have significantly impacted our lives. From the time of birth, with details of date, time, and place, the planetary positions play a vital role in determining our life.

Planets radiate cosmic energies and are reflective of karmic energies. Derived from Sanskrit (physical disorders), in Vedic Astrology, planets create a Dosha whenever there are malefic combinations or bad placements in a birth chart. It signifies the overriding effects of the malefic planets on the positives in a horoscope that become nullified.