Unfavorable Conjunction Disturbs Positivity and Progress

Vedic Remedies to Mitigate Affliction and Bring Happiness

What is Ghat Dosha?

Ghat Dosha occurs when there is Saturn-Mars conjunction in a horoscope. Both are malefic planets and can combine to create havoc in the native’s life. The two most extreme energies of Saturn and Mars can make the native impulsive and develop feelings of hatred, bringing about bad decisions or outbursts with a long-lasting impact.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Ghat Dosha

In the horoscope, Ghat Dosha is formed when Mars and Saturn are placed together in the same sign. This Ghat Dosha can create many malefic effects for a native since the impact of the two malefic planets may be forceful. The native may feel a sense of conflict in all actions due to the restrictions from Saturn. Mars might help to start projects, but Saturn may stall the projects due to being hasty and not planning properly.

How Ghat Dosha Can Impact You

Ghat Dosha can create a lot of struggles in the native’s life.

  • The native may be surrounded and influenced by negative energies
  • There may be conflict in married life
  • They may face many hurdles in their life
  • One may face constant struggle and failure in one’s career
  • There may be a conflict with family members that can create unhappiness
  • Native may be afflicted with health concerns and diseases

How to Reduce the Impact of Ghat Dosha

Home Remedies for Ghat Dosha

  • Worship Hanuman on Tuesdays to reduce the ill effects of Mars and Saturn. Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays and other days if possible.
  • Do a 45-day Pooja to Hanuman by keeping red vermillion (Kum-Kum) on his tail for 45 days and seeking his blessings to mitigate the impact of the Ghat Dosha in your birth chart.
  • Feed the crows on Saturdays and donate food to the poor and needy. Feed stray animals as this also please planet Saturn.
  • Volunteer in a nursing home on Saturdays.
  • Give away an iron vessel and blue sari to an older woman on a Saturday.
  • Light lamps with sesame oil on Saturdays at any Hanuman temple and pray to Hanuman.

Homa Recommended to Remedy Ghat Dosha

Panchamukha Hanuman Homa (5-Faced Hanuman Blessings Fire Lab)

Panchamukha Hanuman Homa (5-Faced Hanuman Blessings Fire Lab)

The Panchamukhi Hanuman Homa invokes the amazing five-faced Panchamukhi form of the mighty God Hanuman. Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya, is a staunch Rama Bhakta and is also believed to be an aspect of Shiva. He remains a rare combination of great physical and mental strength, courage and humility, intellect, scholarship, eloquence, and devotion. This monkey-faced God is the divine son of Vayu, the wind God, and remains a Chiranjeevi, an immortal.

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Rudra Homa (Wish-Fulfillment Fire Lab)

Rudra Homa (Wish-Fulfillment Fire Lab)

Rudra Fire Lab- This Fire Lab is targeted to pacify and propitiate the nine planets, in order to increase their positive influence and neutralize the negative influence, and also to bring you spiritual empowerment and worldly pleasures.

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AstroVed’s Dosha Remedial Programs

Life is about the planets and stars that align our journey, confirmed at the time of our birth when the planets are in a specific position in our birth chart. Doshas occur in a horoscope when malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are in particular houses in the birth chart. This combination of malefic planets will not allow positive aspects of a horoscope to happen. According to Vedic Astrology, the Dosha confirms the malefic positioning of planets or the bad combination of planets in the natal chart, which could cause upheavals in the native’s life.