Affliction Caused By the Birth of Family Members in Same Star

Vedic Remedies to Mitigate Affliction and Strengthen Physical and Material Wellbeing

What is Eka Nakshatra Dosha?

Eka Nakshatra Dosha occurs when two or more family members are born in the same Nakshatra, next to each other in succession, with no birth happening in between. For instance, a son born in the father’s Nakshatra can cause Eka Nakshatra Dosha. This Dosha, when it occurs in a family, harms the younger and disturbs their health and wellbeing.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Eka Nakshatra Dosha

When births are happening in a family in the same Nakshatra (birth star), one after the other, Eka Nakshatra Dosha is created. This Dosha adversely impacts the younger born. If both members have the same Nakshatra Pada (every Nakshatra has 4 Padas- 3 degrees and 20 minutes each), the young one may suffer ill-health. If both share only the Nakshatra (birth star) and have different Pada, the younger member might suffer from loss of wealth and unhappiness.

The timing of the suffering starts when the two natives are physically away from each other. Distance causes problems for the younger born. If together, the suffering comes in the form of emotionally and mentally distancing each other.

How Eka Nakshatra Dosha Can Impact You

The younger family member is bound to face adverse effects because of this Dosha.

  • The younger member starts experiencing physical and mental, or emotional suffering when distanced from the older member
  • Health issues and other ailments can plague the afflicted member
  • Disturbances in the form of financial problems and losses may trouble them
  • Bearer of ancestral curse
  • Parents unhappy with the afflicted member
  • Loss of peace and harmony among family members

Home Remedies for Eka Nakshatra Dosha

  • Chant the mantras of the particular Nakshatra in which the two family members are born.
    • For instance, if born in the Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, chant ‘Om Sri Gurave Namaha’ 108 times daily. If not, at least on the day ruled by Jupiter (Thursday)
    • If born in Mars Nakshatra, then chant ‘Om Sri Kujhaaya Namaha’ 108 times a day and especially on the day of the planet (Tuesday)
  • Also, some temples conduct a special Pooja where the parents donate the child (younger sibling) to God. This Pooja makes one sibling spiritually submitted to God, reducing the impact of the Dosha on the family members.

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AstroVed’s Dosha Remedial Programs

Our life and identity are reflected by the date, time, and place of birth. Most importantly, the position of planets in the birth chart or natal chart (horoscope) can determine our life’s characteristics and different aspects. Planets are carriers of cosmic energies and reflect our past life Karma. They influence and hugely impact our lives.

Derived from Sanskrit, Dosha denotes physical disorders. However, in Vedic Astrology, a Dosha is a bad condition in a native’s birth chart. It occurs when malefic planets occupy a specific position in any of the twelve houses of a native’s birth chart, to the extent that they can even overcome the good and positive aspects that could come to fruition in a horoscope. The presence of Dosha in a birth chart can adversely impact a native’s life.