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Chandal Dosha


Much of our life has been shaped and influenced by the time of our birth. The planetary positions at the time of our birth play a crucial role in determining, with other details, how our life will pan out. Derived from Sanskrit, dosha signifies physical disorders. In Vedic Astrology, dosha signifies bad conditions found in the birth chart or horoscope. The planets that occupy the twelve houses in the natal chart will not be placed in a favorable position.

The malefic planets combine to override all good and positive effects in a native’s horoscope, thus causing an adverse impact on his/her life.

Chandal Dosha

What is Chandal Dosha?

Chandal Dosha occurs when the planet Jupiter combines with malefic planets Rahu or Ketu in the birth chart. The dosha can cause malefic effects in the native’s life.

Jupiter is called Guru in Vedic Astrology. Chandal refers to an Asura, which is Rahu. Hence, the dosha is also known as Guru Chandal Dosha.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Chandal Dosha

Chandal Dosha occurs when Jupiter combines with Rahu or Ketu and is placed in the same house in a natal chart. Jupiter plays a major role in this dosha. The positioning can make life very difficult for the native.

The combination of Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu in the 3rd House can cause Chandal Dosha and affect the native to be negative in speech and a betrayer, spreading hatred.

The combination in the 8th House can destructively create the Chandal Dosha and may end the life of the native. There may be accidents. If Jupiter and Rahu combine in the 8th House, there may be injuries and pains in the abdominal area, scarring life.

The combination is lethal if it is in the 9th House, with the native unaware of roots and illegitimate, who breaks all norms and religious beliefs. They may spread wrong ideas and beliefs and adopt a wrong approach to life.

However, the dosha is not very malefic in all Houses, and if Jupiter is stronger and well placed and can control Rahu, then the native could go a long way with minimal loss. Jupiter, combined with Ketu, is not considered as Chandal Dosha by astrologers in North India. It makes the native more spiritual and isolated from the world.

How Chandal Dosha Can Impact an Individual

When Chandal Dosha comes into prominence, it can turn the benefic effects of Jupiter into malefic effects. A native influenced by the Chandal Dosha can experience many inconsistencies.

  • Hard work may not yield positive results.
  • The native will experience changes in behavior and tendencies.
  • The native will be attracted to bad company.
  • The individual can become disrespectful and inconsiderate to elders.
  • Issues will crop up in academic pursuits.
  • Accidents and health concerns may haunt the native.
  • Instability in career and business.
  • Conflict with family members.

Home Remedies for Chandal Dosha

  • Chant Guru Mantras daily ‘Om Sri Gurave Namaha’, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’, or any Guru Mantra you know.
  • Wear yellow- colored clothes on Thursdays and, also on other days if possible.
  • Consume ghee, turmeric, and yellow Toor dal on Thursdays if health permits.
  • Donate sweets to devotees coming to the temple on Thursdays.
  • Donate food to priestly people.
  • Read the Vedic scriptures on Thursdays.
  • Meditate and pray to God on Thursdays.
  • Do not disrespect your religion or sacred scriptures.
  • Do not disrespect any Guru, Mentor, Teacher, Guide, Yogi, Parents, or Elders.
  • Refrain from doing immoral deeds and act righteously as per the Dharma.
  • Follow any Guru/God you like, meditate upon them, and surrender your mind to them.

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