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Amavasya Dosha


At times we find ourselves facing some unexpected twists and turns in our lives. They may have the capacity to affect us adversely and turn our lives into disarray. Our lives are closely associated with the cosmic bodies, the planets that play a primary role in shaping our lives. Apart from the date, time, and place of birth, the planets’ positions at the time of our birth in our natal chart signify how our life pans out.

In Vedic Astrology, a dosha occurs when unfavorable conditions surface in a birth chart. They may be malefic planets positioned in the twelve houses in the chart, nullifying any positive aspect in the horoscope. A native will feel the adverse impact or effects on account of the dosha in the birth chart.

Amavasya Dosha

What is Amavasya Dosha?

The Sun, in conjunction with the Moon in the birth chart, can cause Amavasya Dosha. The Moon loses its strength under the influence of the Sun and remains weak in Amavasya. It loses its positive impact. Amavasya falls under the Tithi Dosha.

This will create struggles for a native having this dosha in his/her birth chart.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Amavasya Dosha

When the Sun is conjunct with the Moon in the birth chart, it forms Amavasya Dosha. Amavasya falls under the Tithi Dosha. Tithi is a Vedic lunar day computed from the Full Moon or New Moon, where each day is equivalent to a lunar transit of 12 degrees from the Sun. A native-born in the Tithi like Amavasya has the Amavasya Dosha, considered inauspicious, as Rahu rules the Tithi.

How Amavasya Dosha Can Impact an Individual

An Amavasya Dosha can create struggles and impediments for a native with this dosha in his/her birth chart.

  • Relations with the mother may not be good.
  • Native may be deprived of mother’s blessings.
  • Many misfortunes may befall the native and family.
  • Mental and physical health issues.
  • Financial crisis.
  • Hurdles in career.

Home Remedies for Amavasya Dosha

  • Perform Tarpanam for ancestors on all Amavasya days.
  • Do not disrespect your elders, especially parents.
  • Donate food items like rice, jaggery, milk to the poor and the needy on Amavasya days.
  • Worship Goddess Kali as she is the main deity to be worshipped for Amavasya dosha.
  • Worship Shiva and chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times on Mondays as Shiva rules over the Moon.
  • Consume vegetarian food on Amavasya days in a month.

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