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Devi Skandamata

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About Devi Skandamata

Devi Skandamata

Devi Skandamata is adored on the fifth day of Navaratri celebration, along with her son Skanda or Lord Muruga in child form on the divine mother’s lap. Devi Skandamata is also called as Parvati, Gauri and Maheshwari. Being the mother of the warrior god Skanda, she is glorified with the name, Skandamata.

Unique Traits of Devi Skandamata

Devi Skandamata is symbolized with three eyes and four hands with infant six-faced Lord Skanda on her lap. Riding a lion, the Goddess holds lotus flower in her upper right and left hands while the other two hands are in defending and granting mudras.

Mythology behind Devi Skandamata

According to the legend, demon Tarakasur observed deep penance to Lord Brahma and was granted the boon of being slayed by Lord Shiva’s son. As Tarakasur knew that Shiva was reluctant to get married and hence believed that he would never die. Considering himself unconquerable, he started tormenting the universe. Later, as requested by all Devas (angels), Lord Shiva married Parvati and Skanda or Kartikeya was born as their son. The six-faced Lord was chosen by god as their chief warrior (Devsenapati) who battled against Tarakasur and killed him eventually.

Devi Skandamata – Fulfills all your desires

Devi Skandamata protects her devotees and bestows them with her immense love and affection. She is the presiding deity of Lord Surya (sun) and hence propitiating her can bless you with radiance and luster. She can pacify your mind, body and soul and help achieve divine contentment.

Devi Skandamata Mantra & Benefits

  • Om Hreem Shri Skandamata Durgaaye Namaha

Offering your ardent prayers to Devi Skandamata on the fifth day of Navaratri can fulfill all your wishes and fill your life with peace and divine happiness.

Unique Offering to Devi Skandamata

You can propitiate Devi Skandamata by offering banana and cow’s milk. Making these unique offerings to the supreme Goddess can relieve you from anxieties, reward you with pure thoughts and guide you to attain salvation.