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Dawn in Heaven – A Time of World Renewal

DateJanuary 10, 2013

The Sun makes it possible to start anew, as Sun’s energy brings new life force and consciousness into the world. Sun is the supreme ruler of the Solar System, and can bless you with clarity of purpose, health, wealth, success and happiness. Monday, January 14th (6:36 AM IST), the Sun moves into Capricorn and begins its northern journey. This is the perfect time to reassess, make changes and embark on new ventures; be it personal or professional. This transit creates opportunities for you to drop bad habits and empower your vows and resolutions.

Declutter Your Life

Pongal is a 4 day Harvest Festival celebrating the Suns northward journey and January 13th, marks the first day of the festival. It is a time to clean your home and your mind. On Sunday, go through your closets and throw out all the junk, new or old. Also a good time to review and let go of old thoughts and belief systems that are no longer serving you.

Special Astrological Alignment when Hanuman is Available

Astrology is very important for accessing Archetypal Energy. The Higher Energies of the Archetypes descend during certain astrological times. The festivals of India are based on specific astrological alignments, which indicate when Archetypes descend onto the earth plane. This includes Birthdays of Deities which are important dates to access their specific energy.

The Archetype Hanuman (very similar to Sun Wukong the Chinese Monkey God) was born on a New Moon day under the Moola Nakshatra. This astrological configuration helps to dissolve deep seated karmic afflictions. January 10th & 11th, 2013, IST is the Moola Star & New Moon day, represents dissolution of karma in its seed form. Hanuman has the power to change your destiny and remove karma. His birthday is one of the most important days to directly receive his blessings.

Protection from Saturn’s Onslaught

Hanuman wields considerable influence over all the planets, including Saturn. Those who call on Hanuman will not feel the full brunt of an angry planet as all the 9 planets are deeply indebted to Hanuman. Plus by offering prayers to Hanuman you receive an extra protection from Saturn as Saturn promised Hanuman to not harass those who are under his protection.


New Group Rice Pudding Ritual Added – January 10th, IST

There is a Special Rice Pudding Ritual for Lord Hanuman that strengthens the presence of Hanuman on the Earth plane. The offering includes very large vats of rice pudding and it greatly strengthens Lord Hanuman. Individual pots are expensive (It is a huge amount of Rice Pudding) so we created a group option where you can participate in feeding Hanuman at a reduced price. Plus the rice pudding after being offered to Hanuman is then freely given to people in need which increases the overall benefits of this remedy. This offering was specially designed by Dr. Pillai for Lord Hanuman.


The planetary positions at our birth, create the karmic map of our life, and it is the planets that deliver the results of these karmas. To free humans from Karmic bondage, the Universal Preserver Archetype, Lord Vishnu, incarnated on earth 9 times.

Each Incarnation (Avatar) is associated with 1 of the 9 planets:

Matsya Avatar-Ketu; Kurma Avatar-Saturn; Buddha Avatar-Mercury; Varaha Avatar-Rahu; Narasimha AvatarMars; Vamana AvatarJupiter; Parasurama Avatar-Venus; Rama Avatar-Sun; Lord Krishna Avatar-Moon.

By incarnating through each of the 9 planets Lord Vishnu ensured, that every human has a path to enlightenment. This reveals the deep connection between our life, the Nine Planets, and the Universal Archetypes.

Did You Know?

Scientists hypothesize that the 11 year sunspot cycle may actually change weather patterns on planet Earth. Strong Sunspot activity is known to cause electronics to malfunction.


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