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Taurus Moon Sign

What does the Moon represent in Vedic Astrology?

The Moon is known as the Karaka or the significator of our mind and it controls our moods, senses, and emotions. Where the Moon is placed in your birth chart shows who you are as a person, what is your mental strength, what are your thoughts and vision, what is your mindset. The Moon is essentially your inner self, and that is why it is called the Mother in Vedic Astrology. It is what shapes us as a person, our personality and psyche, and the Moon like a Mother also protects and nurtures us. A good placement of Moon says that the person is mentally so strong as to withstand any problems in his/her life, and he/she may feel emotionally secure even if there are so many obstacles and challenges in his/her life. 

General traits of Taurus Moon

If Taurus is your Moon sign, then this means that the Moon was transiting Taurus at the time of your birth into this world. Taurus Moon Sign people have a necessity to feel safe, secure, and stable in their relationships. They like to be calm and not act suddenly with outpourings of feelings, they like to keep calm even during the darkest periods of life. They are emotionally independent and can even guide others in mastering their emotions. As Taurus is an earth sign, natives born with Moon in Taurus sign are down-to-earth and iron-willed. They represent the bull, which is powerful and valorous. Overall, Taurus Moon people do not hesitate to do hard work. They feel emotionally satisfied with hard work and success resulting from their hard work. They enjoy comforts and luxuries as Taurus is ruled by Venus. They like to kindle their senses and seek pleasures. For them, pleasures and comforts are important to feel complete. Taurus moon sign people like to pamper themselves and like possessions that can make them feel like a king or queen. Taurus Moon sign people also have a peaceful approach to them that makes them attractive to others. They need a partner who can give them comfort and stability and can please their senses.

Positives of Taurus Moon

There are some positives of having Moon in Taurus. Taurus moon sign people are considered level-headed, steady, devoted, and reliable. One of the excellent characters of a person who has Moon in Taurus is their willpower, they work hard and want to attain their goals especially materialistic goals. Taurus Moon natives are passionately steady, habitually feeling fixated, and composed and dedicated to their goals when others around them have lost their hope. They are pragmatic and smooth, which appeals to others as they exude their beauty, charm, and grace.

Negatives of Taurus Moon

There are some negatives of having Moon in Taurus. Sometimes, the natives who have Moon in Taurus can get too indulgent in their comfort zone and luxury, which can cause lethargy and can limit their mental capacity. Too much pleasure-seeking can hamper the rational thinking process. Taurus Moon people do any action only when they are absolutely sure of its safety because they don’t want to sacrifice their comforts and lose them, they don’t like to take risks of losing luxury. Nothing is more important to them as their luxury and sense of well-being. This can be seen as extremely selfish to others. An animal like a bull can be quite tenacious, which is not a good trait all the time, being persistent is good but over persistence can make one greedy and selfish.