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Cancer Moon Sign 

What does the Moon represent in Vedic Astrology?

The Moon is known as the Karaka or the significator of our mind and it controls our moods, senses, and emotions. Where the Moon is placed in your birth chart shows who you are as a person, what is your mental strength, what are your thoughts and vision, what is your mindset. The Moon is essentially your inner self, and that is why it is called the Mother in Vedic Astrology. It is what shapes us as a person, our personality and psyche, and the Moon like a Mother also protects and nurtures us. A good placement of Moon says that the person is mentally so strong as to withstand any problems in his/her life, and he/she may feel emotionally secure even if there are so many obstacles and challenges in his/her life. 

General traits of Cancer Moon

If Cancer is your Moon sign, then this means that the Moon was transiting Cancer at the time of your birth into this world. Cancer Moon is a powerful Moon sign to have in your birth chart since the Moon rules the sign of Cancer and feels at home here. They are deeply emotional and connected to their own mind and soul and to the mind and soul of others. They feel the need to protect others emotionally and to safeguard their own emotions as well. Those with Moon in Cancer sometimes become too obsessed with being an empathetic and a psychological counselor for others and they forget their own emotional well-being at times, which they feel is a sacrifice to improve the world. As this is a water sign, they tend to be emotional and teary-eyed. They can be extremely moody. The symbol of Cancer is Crab, having Moon in Cancer sign makes you retract from the external world, just like a crab, you may even hide your emotions from the world like a crab stays inside its shell most of the time and only comes out occasionally. Cancer Moon sign natives are very creative and passionate about creation. They need an understanding partner. 

Positives of Cancer Moon

There are some positives of having Moon in Cancer. One of the good things about those who are Cancer Moon is the weird ways in which they feel an urge for the presence of others to comfort them. They have a strong instinct and can find out how someone is feeling without even knowing much about the other person. They know what is going on in the mind and hearts of others around them. Cancer Moon sign people like to help others, as they are kind and compassionate. They love to make others feel at home. With the motherly feeling, those with Moon sign in Cancer are good at making others feel safe. They can ensure security and comfort to others in times of need and distress. Cancer Moon sign people are always focused on their home and family and they are very friendly. They treat you as one of their own and they have an excellent mental recollection.

Negatives of Cancer Moon

There are some negatives of having Moon in Cancer. Cancer Moon people may sometimes feel taken for granted by those who are close to them. Those who have Moon in Cancer put so much time and effort into looking after others and loving their near and dear ones that sometimes it may not be reciprocated by the other people and this can emotionally upset the Cancer Moon, sign natives. Due to their kind and compassionate nature, they may attract emotional people who turn out to be more of a cry baby than the Cancer Moon natives themselves. The Cancer Moon natives should try to define their boundaries while helping others since they may get hurt and cheated by others for their extreme compassion. Cancer Moon sign natives may also become too compassionate at times and possessive and emotionally smothering others in the name of help. They can be emotionally dependent and fragile, and too sensitive, which isn’t healthy. Cancer Moon sign natives should focus on creativity to relax and be less vulnerable.