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Capricorn Moon Sign

What does the Moon represent in Vedic Astrology?

The Moon is known as the Karaka or the significator of our mind and it controls our moods, senses, and emotions. Where the Moon is placed in your birth chart shows who you are as a person, what is your mental strength, what are your thoughts and vision, what is your mindset. The Moon is essentially your inner self, and that is why it is called the Mother in Vedic Astrology. It is what shapes us as a person, our personality and psyche, and the Moon like a Mother also protects and nurtures us. A good placement of Moon says that the person is mentally so strong as to withstand any problems in his/her life, and he/she may feel emotionally secure even if there are so many obstacles and challenges in his/her life.

General traits of Capricorn Moon

If Capricorn is your Moon sign, then this means that the Moon was transiting Capricorn at the time of your birth into this world. Capricorn Moon Sign people are steady, determined, old-fashioned, and self-controlled. Capricorn Moon can make a native do excellent business. These natives tend to be thoughtful when it comes to their sentiments. They are born leaders, proficient, and dependable in emergencies. They have an urge to prove themselves to the public and hence name and fame are very important to these people. They try hard to avoid any action that will reduce their reputation in society. These natives feel happy when they have a good social standing and a lot of accomplishments. They love to help others and accept any responsibility as they love to support everyone. They love finding solutions to problems and are pragmatic. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn Moon Sign natives are constantly dedicating themselves to various tasks, sometimes it becomes hard for them to relax. Capricorn Moon sign natives have a lot of creativity and patience and fortitude. They are calm and seldom use words to express their emotions, their deeds will express their emotions. The natives take relationships seriously and they need someone who is trustworthy and committed.

Positives of Capricorn Moon

There are some positives of having Moon in Capricorn . One of the good things about a Capricorn Moon is its steadiness. They are solid as a rock even when difficult times come they do not shake and will stay put in one place no matter what. They support their friends and family and they are very affectionate and trustworthy. They have great stamina and being ruled by Saturn, they are able to work hard to attain their desires. Their drive and responsible behavior make them successful in personal and professional life. They love comforts being an earth sign. 

Negatives of Capricorn Moon

There are some negatives of having Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn Moon sign people may be aware of their blemishes but they feel bad if someone else points this out to them even in a good way. Those with Moon in Capricorn may have an inferiority complex many times and may feel that they receive less and give more most of the time. They may feel depressed at times because they do more than their strength sometimes and don’t see the return or appreciation for their efforts. Capricorn Moon Sign people want everyone to work as hard as them but this is not always possible. Those with Moon in Capricorn can be too determined sometimes making them seem egoistic. They must learn to share their work with others.