Rasi Porutham in Tamil, Nakshatra Matching, Rasi Porutham for Marriage

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Rasi Porutham in Tamil, Nakshatra Matching

April 29, 2020 | Total Views : 1,086
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Rasi Porutham is defined as the compatibility between the horoscopes of a prospective bride and groom. Rasi Porutham in Tamil is a method of calculating the compatibility using the Rashi and Nakshatra, instead of the birth date and time. In general, there are 10 Poruthams, or ten different criteria to be matched between the bride and a groom in order to predict a healthy and prosperous life. 

Rasi Porutham is not considered as a comprehensive calculation, as It does not indicate certain parameters like the Sarpa Dosham, Chevvai Dosham, Dasa Sandhi, Dosha Samyam, Sastashtaka Dosham, Ashtasastaka Dosham, and Puthra Dosham. Rasi Porutham in Tamil does not include Lagna or the adjacent sign in the Jathakam. Online Rasi Porutham in Tamil, offered by AstroVed, helps to evaluate the compatibility by using the Rashi and Nakshatra to evaluate the “10 Poruthams for marriage”.  

Nakshatra Matching:

Nakshatra matching is referred to as Nakshatra Porutham in Tamil. It encompasses not only Nakshatra matching or Porutham, but also, the Rashi matching between the couple. All 10 Poruthams between the bride and the groom are matched and verified before conducting the marriage. It is essential to evaluate the two jathakams (Horoscopes) and analyze their compatibility to determine the longevity of the marriage and the happiness of the couple. 

In a total of 10 Poruthams, seven are calculated based on Nakshatra matching. These seven Poruthams are Dina Porutham, Gana Porutham, Mahendra Porutham, Sthree Deergam, Yoni Porutham, Rajju Porutham, and Vedhai Porutham. Vasiyam, Rasi Athipathi, and Rasi Porutham are the important aspects that are considered while matching horoscopes, which ensures accurate Jathakam matching. Knowing the Lagna is important too, which helps to detect the Dosha (affliction), which occurs in the natal chart. 

The importance of Rasi Porutham

Indian culture gives great importance to the institution of marriage, and the sanctity of the marriage is highly valued even now, in India. It is considered as a pure and eternal bond between a man and a woman. The process of Horoscope matching enables the families of the bride and groom to ascertain if the marriage between their offspring will be happy and enduring.  

Saints and Rishis of the Vedic age had laid down several rules and instructions which help to effectively calculate and make computations using natal charts. The ancient They had recommended certain eligibility levels for compatibility between the couples, which ensured that the couple would have a long, happy, and prosperous marriage. They have devised ten Rasi Poruthams, which are the markers for a successful relationship. 

Rasi Porutham in modern life:

In the old days, it would have been inconceivable for a marriage alliance to be finalized without consulting an astrologer who would pore over the horoscopes of the bride and groom and ascertain the Rasi Porutham. In modern times, love marriages are increasingly preferred by the younger generation, and hence, the relevance of horoscope matching has faded somewhat. At the same time, there are many families which still opt for Rasi Porutham analysis before fixing the alliance, especially in arranged marriages. This reveals that despite many changes in society, and the march of science and technological progress, the affinity towards one's culture and traditions is still intact. 

Rasi Porutham in Tamil evaluates diverse attributes, which give comprehensive information about a person's thought process, physical features, and even likes and dislikes.

In a serendipitous development, technology, too, has helped bring astrology to the masses through smartphones, mobile apps, etc. There are many online astrology websites that help us determine Rasi Porutham merely by entering the birth details of the boy and the girl. The algorithms and the calculations of programming software are based on the grammar of Astrology, while the guidelines are from the learned Rishis of the Vedic age.  

The 10 Poruthams or Matching Factors

The ten fundamental and significant Rasi Poruthams in Tamil are:

  • Dina Porutham/Nakshatra Porutham: This is one of the vital Poruthams, and reflects the durability of the married life. It indicates health and trouble-free living. 
  • Gana Porutham: The Gana represents the temperament of the couples. Commonly classified as three, where People belonging to Deva Gana are loving, kind, and good-hearted. People with Manushya Gana have both good and bad qualities. The people having Rakshasa Gana are generally rude and bad.
  • Mahendra Porutham: This Porutham indicates health, kids, and a happy married life. The marriage would endure for many years if the Mahendra Porutham between the couples is strong. 
  • Yoni Porutham: This denotes the sexual compatibility of the couple, and indicates their physical intimacy. 
  • Rasi Porutham: This is an important Porutham that speaks about unity, zodiac, insights, and the disputes among the couples. 
  • Rasi Athipathi Porutham: It represents the compatibility and the friendliness between the couples. 
  • Other three important Poruthams: The other three important Poruthams are Stree Dheeka, which denotes the life span of the bride and groom, Vasiya Porutham, which represents the mutual attraction between the couple, and Vedha Porutham which indicates the matching of the Nakshatras.

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