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Vedic Astrology Articles

Vedic Astrology also called Jyothish Vidya sheds light on the soul`s journey on the earth plane as it incarnates. In this study, everything is pre destined, though man is subjective to use his free will to change his destiny. It says that man`s life pattern is determined through the stellar positions in the skies at the time of his birth. It is usually called predictive astrology, as it helps one know of the good and the bad phases in one`s life also the time of unfolding of events in life. Astrological guidance then becomes imperative when it comes to performance of tasks related to career, education, business, marriages, education and other life situations. Astrological calculations are made purely on the basis of astronomy and mathematics. It differs from western astrology in terms of making predictions, as this is based on the moon sign rather than the sun sign in western astrology. Moon sign plays a vital role in Vedic astrology and based on the position, a natal chart is drawn. Horoscope or the chart is cast based on the 12 zodiac signs and the sub signs, 27 stars or nakshatras or lunar mansions. They help in giving a deeper knowledge of one`s personality and the purpose of one`s life.

India vs Australia 1st ODI 17th September 2017 Astrological Prediction Analysis


Indian Cricket Team News The first ODI is scheduled to be played on September 17 at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. The match will begin at 1:30 PM local time. India are currently strongly placed to lift the trophy as they have had a great season after […]

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What is Vedic Astrology


Jyotish, translated as “the science of light,” is a section of the Vedic literature also known as Vedic Astrology. It is the most ancient divinatory science, studying the cosmic energies to understand and gain valuable clues concerning our experiences on Earth. How does Vedic Astrology help? Each […]

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Vedic Astrology Remedies to Reduce Stress in Married Life


Difficult situations in marriage may come due to many reasons: bad finances, failing health of spouse, partner’s lack of love and compassion, progeny issues, etc. According to Vedic Astrology, such situations come up when one is exposed to unfavorable planetary energies. Remedies are one of the most […]

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Remedy Rituals for Ancestors going back 64 Generations Soul Genetics Grand Ritual


Many of the thoughts that you have now, are primarily your ancestor’s thoughts. Because you do not simply inherit biological genes you also inherit the souls of your ancestors. This is called Soul Genetics, a term coined by Dr. Pillai. This means that you are not independent. […]

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Remedies for Eye Ailments and Diabetes Fire Lab for Longevity


How can Vedic astrology contribute to our health? Astrology, the study of celestial bodies in relation to human beings, helps to study the planetary positions and stars to correctly interpret the reasons behind our health issues. It also helps to identify the remedial measures to deal with […]

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6 Vedic Mantras that will transform your Life


Vedic mantras have proven to have a definite impact on human life and it’s functioning. All these mantras are available to us in Sanskrit which is considered as the ‘perfect language’ by linguistics across the globe. Mantra comprises of a word or a series of words that […]

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Basic Components of Vedic Astrology


There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the troubled sea of life. What is Vedic Astrology all about? Vedic astrology is a very helpful tool in the path of life. Vedic Astrology is the most ancient divinatory science in existence. […]

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Vedic Astrology and it’s Lessons


Man is born on that day and that moment when his individual fate is in perfect mathematical harmony with the progress of the stars in heaven. Vedic Astrology is also called Jyothish Vidya. It is a body of knowledge that throws light upon one`s past, present and […]

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Online Vedic Astrology Services

Online Vedic Astrology thumbnail

Catching up with the trends of online marketing, Vedic astrology services are now readily available just with a click of few buttons. Just type online Vedic Astrology in any web search engine and you would be amazed with the search results. Here you would find your Moon […]

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Indian Vedic Astrology – It`s Role Over Human Life In Modern Days


Vedic Astrology is called jyotisha meaning light. It is profound tradition based on the knowledge of astronomy and Vedic philosophy. In Vedic Astrology, Birth chart or natal chart plays a important role in determining one`s destiny. A chart is a map of the planetary patterns at the […]

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Significance of 11th House in Vedic Astrology


The 11th house in one’s chart indicates one’s dreams, aspirations and capacity for happiness through fulfillment of desires. It indicates gains through one’s present birth Karmas. It is also known as the ‘The House of Good Fortune’. The 11th House also signifies – friendships, older siblings, recovery […]

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Difference between vedic and Horary Astrology


Basic aim of astrology is to offer accurate predictions. Predictions are made using either by Vedic Astrology, Horary, or nadi. About Vedic Astrology It is called Jyotisha or science of light. In Vedic Astrology, a horoscope is drawn based on the time of one`s birth, place and […]

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