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Love Astrology Articles

Astrology has been instrumental in bringing improvements in different facets of our life. Love and relationship is one such important aspect of human life which deals with the deep and sometimes hidden emotions of a person. A birth chart, prepared on the basis of the planetary positions at the time of birth, would have a proper analysis of our character, emotional feelings and expectations from others. On the basis of the position of relationship signifying planets like Venus and Mars and specific houses like the 5th, 7th and 11th, a Vedic astrologer will be able to understand about the various issues that can concern or affect relationship at different points of time. They also study the present and upcoming planetary transits and its consequent influence in our relationship issues. In this section of love astrology articles, we would cover the various motivating forces influencing our love and relationship and how the remedies suggested in the ancient science of Vedic Astrology can help us protect and strengthen our relationships.

Signs that Prove You Are in Love with the Right Person


Being in love feels great. Your mind is filled with sweet memories of the time spent with your beloved. Moments of togetherness overshadow everything else in life. At the same time, there could be times when the attitude of your partner makes you question whether the person […]

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Eight Simple Vastu Tips for a Happy Married Life


Positivity exudes happiness, and Vastu helps you tap into the pool of positive vibrations around you by synchronizing the elements of your body with those of your surroundings. Following are eight simple Vastu tips to help married couples ensure peace of mind, good health, happiness, and prosperity […]

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Secrets to a Happy Marriage


When there is love, care, respect, cooperation, and understanding in a relationship, then indeed it is a happy relationship. This kind of reality is possible with the support of both partners. How can you ensure you enjoy this kind of happiness in your marriage? The first thing […]

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Timing of Marriage in Astrology


Marriage, the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life, is an auspicious event which requires the support of favorable energies for its materialization. The planetary energies influencing each and every aspect of our lives also determine the success and failure of our actions, depending upon the […]

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Role of 7th House for Marriage


In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house in a natal chart refers to partnerships where mutual benefit and mutual needs are involved. Marriage, marital happiness, business partnerships and their success are studied, analyzing the 7th house and its association with planets in one’s natal chart. Marriage brings two […]

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Astrology Secrets of Love and Marriage


Love received and love given comprise the best form of therapy Love is the highest level of energy that exists. Love and marriage are based on the principles of attraction. Vedic Astrology states that law of karma plays a vital role in matters of love and marriage. […]

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Find your Soul Mate


Finding Love through Astrology Love is precious and those who are able to find true love consider themselves lucky. We all encounter love at some point of our life but may find it difficult to distinguish between a false show of affection and true love. Compatibility is […]

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Kundali-matching: Canons for Happy and Successful Life


In Vedic Astrology, Kundali or birth-chart of a person is created based on placement of the Moon in a zodiac sign at the time of his or her birth. It is a study of the 9 planets and their placements in the birth-chart. It is a common […]

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Kanyadaan- A Hindu Marriage Ritual


Kanyadaan: A Hindu Marriage Ritual Indian weddings are ornate and grand ceremonies held amidst collective presence of parents, siblings, friends and relatives of the bride and the groom present at the scenario. Giving away one’s daughter to her husband’s family is an emotionally charged situation in a […]

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5 Reasons Why Kundali Matching is Important


Kundali or horoscope matching is a very ancient technique to discover the chemistry of new energies created when two individuals come together, especially through marriage. Birth-chart of each individual throws light on the planets playing their roles in different aspects of his or her life. Astrologers can […]

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10 Compatibility Factors of Marriage Matching


In India, many follow the tradition of horoscope matching of both the man and woman before adopting the vows of marriage. Ancient Rishis have devised methods to check the levels of adaptability and adjustability within marriage between the partners through matching the horoscopes by finding the poruthams […]

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Astrology Predictions for Marriage


Factors That Make or Break Your Marriage How can you ensure harmony in your marital life? A comprehensive test to find the right match (ideal partner), right combination (favorable planets in couple’s horoscope) and influence of marriage disturbing planets will keep you in good stead. Vedic Astrology […]

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