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3-Month Bronze Membership Program

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We have designed this free membership program to provide the best support for you and your loved ones to use Vedic technology to remove life problems and enhance your health, wealth, and loving relationships, as well as every area of life.

We highly recommend you get started with this free program right away either by registering as a new member of AstroVed, or signing up for our newsletters, or subscribing to our daily horoscopes.

This 3-month free membership program can truly give you an edge in life and help you pave the way to achieve your goals using precise and carefully selected Vedic technologies.

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Benefits of the 3-Month Bronze Membership Program

Get Three Prasna (Instant Insight) questions

Once you receive access to your free membership Program, we recommend that you start using it first. You have an option to ask three free questions and receive an instant solution from our expert astrologer. (Visit our Instant Insight page)

5% Cashback on Monthly Special Ceremonies

Another benefit is a 5% cashback on AstroVed’s special ceremonies performed every month during key power times. This can help you in a timely way to remove difficult obstacles that hinder your progress and invoke divine blessings to achieve your goals. Visit our Events (Specials) page

Add one family member free while ordering Monthly Special Ceremonies

Remember, you can also share the blessings with a loved one. When purchasing any ceremony with AstroVed, you can include the name of your loved one to the ceremony for absolutely free!

Validity for three months

From the date when you register as a new member of AstroVed, or sign-up for our newsletters, or subscribe to our daily horoscopes, you become eligible for AstroVed Free Membership Program for the next 3 months

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