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Different Types of Homas (Fire Labs) And Their Purpose

December 20, 2019 | Total Views : 345
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Types of Homas

Homas are fire rituals and are regarded as the most evolved spiritual technology on earth. Fire is an agent of purification and transformation that acts as a bridge to connect with the divine. These fire labs can be dedicated to various deities and are considered as the best way to access them.

Here let us learn about some of the important homas and their purpose.

Lakshmi Homa

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. Being the consort of Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of protection, she can bestow her devotees with prosperity and wellness. Lakshmi Homa invokes this benevolent Goddess and seeks her divine grace. This worship with fire can cleanse you thoroughly, provide you finances, abundance, beauty, and peace, and fill your life with joy.

Lakshmi Kubera Homa

This homa invokes the combined blessings of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and Kubera, the custodian of celestial riches. Lakshmi Kubera Homa can clear debts, remove impediments to material prosperity and growth, enhance income and profits, and help wealth accumulation.

Lakshmi Narayana Homa

The supreme protector Lord Narayana and his consort Lakshmi are invoked in this homa. This Lakshmi Narayana Homa is capable of solving all financial problems, provide riches and success, resolve strains in relationships, and bestow various skills.

Ganapathi Homa

Lord Ganapathi or Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, and people seek his blessings at the time of starting any new endeavor, for its success. The Ganapathi Homa which invokes this God can clear impediments and hardships in all spheres, provide academic excellence and opportunities, bestow hope and joy, and even change your destiny for the better.

Hanuman Homa

This ardent Rama Bhakta, is also believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He remains the embodiment of strength and loyalty. Invoking him in this Hanuman homa can bestow immense courage, will power to overcome odds and accomplish goals, tremendous potential, and high positions.

Muruga Homa

Muruga is the son of the divine couple Shiva-Parvati. This warrior God is incredibly powerful and represents wisdom and faith. Worshipping him through this Muruga fire lab can give protection against enemies, help to overcome litigations, diseases, and debts, bestow positivity and faith, and unlock the power of the divine sound ‘OM.’

Sudarshana Homa

This Sudarshana Homa invokes Sudarshana, the divine discus of the supreme protector Vishnu. This worship that seeks the grace of this mighty weapon can offer protection against enemies, relief from sufferings, evil eye and negative energies, fulfill desires, give success, and instill interest towards selfless and philanthropic activities.

Prathyangira Devi Homa

This homa, which invokes the unique and mighty Goddess Prathyangira Devi can destroy evil forces and bestow the shield of positivity. It can also help avert accidents, overcome mental trauma and effects of the evil eye, provide relief from ailments, and give peace and prosperity.

Sharaba Homa

Sharaba is a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva, who can protect his devotees from all their problems, and this Sharaba homa is dedicated to this amazing deity. It can destroy negative energies, give protection against the evil eye, help business people, politicians, and administrators, in particular, provide peace, harmony, success, and happiness, and ensure a problem-free life.

Chandi Homa

Goddess Chandi is the personification of the fundamental universal energy of creation, protection, and destruction. This Chandi homa is performed to seek her divine grace. This can help the devotees overcome obstacles, curses, and effects of the evil eye, and bless them with health, prosperity, success, and fulfillment of desires.

Uma Maheshwara Homa

This Uma Maheswara homa is dedicated to the divine couple Maheshwara Shiva and Uma Parvati, who remains the embodiment of pure love. This is believed to be a highly effective remedy for all sorts of marital problems. This can resolve friction between spouses, straighten relationships, and ensure a loving bond with the life-partner, contentment and longevity of the couple, and marital bliss.

Swayamvara Parvati Homa

 It is said that Lord Shiva himself gave out this Swayamvara Parvati Mantra to his consort, and that enabled her to reunite with the Lord. Performing the Swayamvara Parvati Homa can help the eligible to find a suitable life-partner, and the married to have a harmonious, meaningful, and happy life of togetherness.

Durga Homa

The powerful Goddess Durga can bless you to tide over not only marital problems but also all relationship issues. This Durga fire lab performed to invoke her can protect people from negativity, depression, and black magic, provide security against life threats, strengthen bonds, and get her blessings for hope and joy. This can also act as a remedy for planet Rahu afflictions.

Garbarakshambiga Homa

Garba Rakshambiga is the divinity who protects the fetus in the womb or gives progeny blessing. This Garbarakshambiga Homa seeks the blessings of Devi Parvati in the form of Goddess Garbarakshambiga. This can resolve infertility and bestow eligible couples with healthy children, protect expectant mothers, solve pregnancy problems, and smoothen the delivery process. This can also help to get a suitable life partner and overcome marital problems.

Saraswathi Homa

This Saraswathi homa invokes Saraswati, the Goddess of learning. Apart from bestowing intelligence and academic success, this can also sharpen memory and skills, instill confidence, improve communication skills, and provide positive energy to accomplish goals.

Kala Bhairava Homa

Kala Bhairava is an Avatar of Shiva and remains the God of time. This Kala Bhairava homa is regarded most effective for proper time management and achievement of high productivity. This can also destroy negative karma, help clear debts, protect against accidents and unexpected events, enhance skills, finances, and positive energy, and lead towards success.

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