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Lizards Falling on the Head

Omens foreshadow events that are bound to occur. It is widely believed by people across the world. Ancients considered it as signs or signals of God. The events could be auspicious or inauspicious in nature. Hindus are steeped in belief of superstitions and omens that portend future happenings. In fact knowledge of omens is a science according to them. The word for omen in Sanskrit is called, “shakunam” and the knowledge pertaining to omensis called Shakuna Shastra.



The falling of lizard on body parts of an individual forebode good or evil depending where it comes into contact. The study of falling of lizards is called Gauli shastra. According to this shastra, every movement of a lizard holds significance and there are not less than 65 places where the lizard will fall on the human body that would foretell good and bad omens. According to this shastra, when a lizard falls on the head, it is not a good omen, rather a bad one. It indicates disputes or quarrels. If the fall is in the center of the head, it spells disease.


It is a well known astrological text that says if a lizard falls on body parts except for stomach, navel, chest it is considered good omen. It is considered auspicious if the lizard falls on the right body parts of man and left body parts in woman.


If the fall is on the back part of head, then it is bad luck for maternal uncle. If the fall is on the right side of the head, the omen is bad for one`s brother. If it falls on the centre of the head, it indicates illness to one`s own self. If the fall happens to be on the crown of the head, it foretells death. However, if the fall happens to be on the back of the crown, it indicates good fortune, but the front part of the crown would signal ill luck for maternal uncle. If the fall happens only on the hair, then it stands for difficulties.

Oriya Almanac- Kohinoor Panjika

  • If the lizard falls on the head, it foretells gain of property, land or decides the fate of a king or ruler occupying high position.
  • There is an interesting story about this falling of lizard on Chief Minister`s head, when he was contesting for re-election for third term of office in Orissa. Chief Minister Biju Patnaik, just before elections in 2009, May 16 experienced falling of lizard on his head when he opened the doors of his drawing room to see away another political leader who had paid him a visit. This omen predicted his return to power for another successful third term. His party members were overjoyed at this.


  • Hindu texts say whenever a lizard falls on a person, one should immediately take bath, light lamp to God, recite Maha mrityunjaya mantra, take panch- gavya (mixture of cow`s ghee, cow`s milk, cow`s curd, cow`s urine, cow dung) donate til seeds, gold and earthen lamps.
  • If one visits Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram, one can see and touch the golden Lizard, the silver lizard along with the sun and moon images on the roof, behind the sanctum sanctorum. When one touches them it is believed to remove all ill effects or doshas caused due to the falling of lizards in the past and in future.


  1. Yesterday a small lizard suddenly fall on my right arm…plz help

  2. Hi Alisha,

    Nothing to worry. You can chant the Goddess Gayathri mantra 18 times and sprinkle water on your head.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

  3. Hi, what does it mean? I am about to get in the comfort room I am already holding the door knob and about to open then the white small lizard fell from higher wall or ceiling land on my right side nick. I quickly wiped them off I was scared.

  4. Hi Anne,

    Nothing to worry. You can chant the Gayathri mantra 18 times and sprinkle water on your head.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

  5. What if it falls on 38 years old lady’s head the lizard was small one ! It was unexpected . it fell of a sudden .What does it indicated ? Please give a reply ! She is married and got two girl children .

  6. Yesterday when I opened a garage roller door a lizard jumped on my forrhead
    and to my chest. Strangely because the previous day I was reading about lizard omens. What does this mean?

  7. I was going to the kitchen and suddenly a lizard’s poop dropped into my left arm. What does it mean?

  8. Hi, today a lizard fell on centre of my head from paras peepal tree, some says its good, laxmi jis ashirwad and some articles on internet says it means death or illness, please help what to make out of this, thanks.

  9. A lizard crawled over my left foot.What should I do?? Pls help me….

  10. lizard was dead in my house what to do what will happen

  11. Sir
    I was just sitting on bench of my building and suddenly 2 black lizard fell on me both of them died due to my pushing to them.
    Plz help

  12. 2 lizards at a time fell on my wife head. Please help

  13. Today one lizard moves toward downside from my body..it falls on my chest and I push it to the floor..what does it indicates..pls help

  14. Today lizard called on my forehead right side hair from thier it slipped on to my right hand wrist

  15. Sir.. Iwas standing in balcony suddenly a lizard fall on ma hair … Wat it indicates sir

  16. Yesterday lizard fell on my right leg after doing God pooja but then I took bath n went to Shiva temple for mahashivratri festival to do ekadasni which I do every year but over there also lizard went from my left leg to other side n jumped on to guys who were doing pooja

  17. Today a lizard climbed on my right foot…. What should I do.

  18. Suddenly small lizard falls in my center head

  19. At arund 1.20am a lizard fell on d right side part of my head..plzz hlp

  20. Lizard fallen on my Head right side today around 9:00PM. I am worried after this incident.
    Please advise.

    Best Regards,
    B N Narasimha Murthy

  21. Yesterday a small lizard suddenly fall on my left arm.I quickly wiped them off I was scared. what is the meaning of this

  22. Today morning a lizard suddenly fall on my head what does it means ,it is good or bad? ?

  23. Today in my bathing water a lizard fell. It was only a matter of few inches that it didn’t fell on me. After falling it tried to help itself , it jumped in my mug then outside of the tub. And tomorrow I have an exam.
    Please be kind enough to answer me. I’m worried. What does this incident indicate? Help!

  24. HI Sir,
    what happens if Lizard falls on left stomach for women, kindly share us the remedies.


  25. It was midnight today about 12.30 a lizard fell on the centre part of the head what should I do??

  26. What does it mean as a lizard fell on my upper rt side of my body.

  27. A tiny baby lizard fell in thr plate my husband was eating.. Wat does it mean. Pls help

  28. the lizard fall on righ stomach and righ leg fingers i was visted kanchipuram golden and sliver was touched what is the result

  29. No worry.. Shake your head for a while and chameleon will fell off. And be happy because he didn’t bite u

  30. Suddenly lizard felt on my head while sitting at car parking in the evening 8.20pm what is the meaning and what should I do Pls

  31. A lizard fell on my left arm.. Not hands.is it good or bad?

  32. I had a dream that a lizard fell on my right lap when I was lying down on my bed. Inside the dream the lizard just stayed on my right lap and refused to move until I woke up in shock. The dream looked so real. What is the meaning of this dream please. I’m so scared

  33. Today 2:30 am a lizard tried to climb on my back of the head I was turn sleep-ing on right arm side and I suddenly wake up that time is there any problem.

  34. I just opened the door of my bathroom and a small lizard fall on left side on my head..I scared and wiped it into the floorany problem?

  35. Namaste,

    Please do not worry take some handful of water and chant the Gayathri mantra for 27 times, and sprinkle the water on your head. No dosha will come to you.

    Visit Kanchipuram Sri Varadaraja temple and have darshan of Golden Lizard, you will not get affected of any dosha’s/Negativities OR Browse the picture of Golden Lizard and have darshan of the same.

    For your Health, Wealth, and Prosperity,
    With Kind Regards.
    Astroved Member Support.

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