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Lizards Falling on the Head

Omens foreshadow events that are bound to occur. It is widely believed by people across the world. Ancients considered it as signs or signals of God. The events could be auspicious or inauspicious in nature. Hindus are steeped in belief of superstitions and omens that portend future happenings. In fact knowledge of omens is a science according to them. The word for omen in Sanskrit is called, “shakunam” and the knowledge pertaining to omensis called Shakuna Shastra.



The falling of lizard on body parts of an individual forebode good or evil depending where it comes into contact. The study of falling of lizards is called Gauli shastra. According to this shastra, every movement of a lizard holds significance and there are not less than 65 places where the lizard will fall on the human body that would foretell good and bad omens. According to this shastra, when a lizard falls on the head, it is not a good omen, rather a bad one. It indicates disputes or quarrels. If the fall is in the center of the head, it spells disease.


It is a well known astrological text that says if a lizard falls on body parts except for stomach, navel, chest it is considered good omen. It is considered auspicious if the lizard falls on the right body parts of man and left body parts in woman.


If the fall is on the back part of head, then it is bad luck for maternal uncle. If the fall is on the right side of the head, the omen is bad for one`s brother. If it falls on the centre of the head, it indicates illness to one`s own self. If the fall happens to be on the crown of the head, it foretells death. However, if the fall happens to be on the back of the crown, it indicates good fortune, but the front part of the crown would signal ill luck for maternal uncle. If the fall happens only on the hair, then it stands for difficulties.

Oriya Almanac- Kohinoor Panjika

  • If the lizard falls on the head, it foretells gain of property, land or decides the fate of a king or ruler occupying high position.
  • There is an interesting story about this falling of lizard on Chief Minister`s head, when he was contesting for re-election for third term of office in Orissa. Chief Minister Biju Patnaik, just before elections in 2009, May 16 experienced falling of lizard on his head when he opened the doors of his drawing room to see away another political leader who had paid him a visit. This omen predicted his return to power for another successful third term. His party members were overjoyed at this.


  • Hindu texts say whenever a lizard falls on a person, one should immediately take bath, light lamp to God, recite Maha mrityunjaya mantra, take panch- gavya (mixture of cow`s ghee, cow`s milk, cow`s curd, cow`s urine, cow dung) donate til seeds, gold and earthen lamps.
  • If one visits Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram, one can see and touch the golden Lizard, the silver lizard along with the sun and moon images on the roof, behind the sanctum sanctorum. When one touches them it is believed to remove all ill effects or doshas caused due to the falling of lizards in the past and in future.


  1. Yesterday a small lizard suddenly fall on my right arm…plz help

  2. Hi Alisha,

    Nothing to worry. You can chant the Goddess Gayathri mantra 18 times and sprinkle water on your head.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

  3. Hi, what does it mean? I am about to get in the comfort room I am already holding the door knob and about to open then the white small lizard fell from higher wall or ceiling land on my right side nick. I quickly wiped them off I was scared.

  4. Hi Anne,

    Nothing to worry. You can chant the Gayathri mantra 18 times and sprinkle water on your head.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

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