Auspicious Yogas of the Sun and Their Impact on Human Nature |

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Auspicious Yogas of the Sun and Their Impact on Human Nature

December 12, 2019 | Total Views : 791
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The Sun and the Yogas

The Sun is the head of the solar family of planets. Hailed as the Sun God, he is a leader who is capable of bestowing people with authority, power, and a commanding position. This royal planet can also contribute to some of the remarkable Yogas, the beneficial astrological formations, that can fill the lives of the people with a lot of blessings and favorable results.

Here, let us get to know about a few such Yogas.

Raj Rajeshwar Yoga

This is believed to be the most powerful of the Raja Yogas, the royal blessings. As this Yoga involves both the luminaries the Sun and the Moon, the natives are likely to possess the power of the Sun and the charm of the Moon together.

Guru, the Jupiter is the ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces, whereas the Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon. When the Sun is placed in Pisces and the Moon in its ruling sign Cancer, Raj Rajeshwar Yoga is said to be formed. People blessed with this Yoga can be brilliant and creative, be successful in their vocation and make handsome money, and enjoy a good reputation in the society. They may also rise to great heights in their field of operation and enjoy wealth, prosperity, and cordial family life.

Budhaditya Yoga

This is another beneficial formation involving the Sun and is also regarded as a Raja Yoga. Aaditya is Sun, and Budha is Mercury, which happens to be closest to the Sun in space. So, in any birth chart, these 2 planets will mostly be together in the same House. This planetary combination remains auspicious and can remove the negativities of that House and its adverse effects. The Sun can bestow the natives with energy and courage, while Mercury, the significator of intellect, can provide knowledge and insight. These traits can help the natives to lead a promising, honorable, and happy life.

Bhaskar Yoga

Bhaskara is another name for the Sun, and this Yoga, too, remains a significant blessing that can accrue because of the Sun. Apart from the Sun, this Yoga involves a string of planets like the Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter. This rarest of the rare Yoga is said to be formed when in a horoscope - Mercury is in the 2nd House from the Sun, the Moon in the 11th from Mercury, and Jupiter, either in the 5th or the 9th House from the Moon. This can bestow people with wealth, luxury, and joy of immense proportions. Many of them may also be compassionate by nature and have an artistic frame of mind.

Vasi Yoga

When any planet except the Moon is placed in the 12th House from the Sun, Vasi Yoga is said to arise. But unlike the Yogas seen above, this need not be beneficial at all times. When auspicious planets like Mercury or Jupiter occupy that House, people under its influence can become virtuous, intelligent, talented, and wise. They may also be sound in communication and enjoy a successful and happy married life.

But an inauspicious planet like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu in that House, may turn the natives selfish, hard-hearted, and of poor memory. They may also be separated from the family, and face other problems in life.

Veshi Yoga

This Yoga too may give contrasting results, just as the Vasi Yoga. When any planet other than the Moon is in the 2nd House from the Sun, it will be Veshi Yoga for the natives. And the results will be good or bad, depending on the nature of the planets placed there.

When the 2nd House planet is auspicious, people may be good-looking, have strong appeal, and be orators, leaders, or social workers. On the other hand, inauspicious planets there can contribute to difficulties and setbacks in work-life, and poor financial condition.

The Sun Yogas for You

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