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What is RSS?

rss RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a notification system used to alert subscribers to changes made to their favorite web sites, blogs, music sites, etc. The favorite site must offer this free service in order for people to add it to their lists. It is easy to discern that the site is RSS-enabled because of the orange rectangular button that is labeled with either RSS or XML somewhere on the page.

How Can I Use RSS?

rssThe most common use or integration of RSS for a web surfer is on a customized homepage. Just about everyone I know has a customized homepage for the internet. Whether it’s from:




A customized homepage allows you to select what information you want displayed when you log-on to the internet (that first page when you open your browser). These custom homepages have an RSS news reader capability so you get streaming news and information in one, familiar place, the second it happens. Not all websites currently provide RSS, but Really Simple Syndication is getting more popular and is a great barometer about the website and whether it’s current and provides reputable information.