Ganesha Fire Lab (Homa)

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Ganesha Fire Lab (Homa)

This Fire Lab invokes Ganesha as chief archetype. It is conducted by a fully qualified Vedic specialist. Ganesha is a much beloved remover of obstacles, and he is venerated by people around the world. It is considered a good custom to seek his blessings at the start of any project or any endeavor, and a fire lab is a powerful way to do that.

He is best-known in his form with an elephant face; however, he also has a primordial form with a human face (Adi Ganesha). He is celebrated in many aspects, for example, as a hero of strength, as a happy dancer, as a sweet child and many more. While from time to time, we do offer specialty Fire Labs for targeted forms of Ganesha, this all-purpose Ganesha Fire Lab remains very popular with our members for year-round purposes to remedy obstacles and to invite Ganesha to bring blessings for fresh success.

Ganesha is also the overlord for Ketu, the south node of the Moon and one of the nine planets (navagrahas) in Vedic astrology. Ketu can be a tricky energy, and Ganesha can control the challenges Ketu may bring.

Ganesha is considered one of the patrons of Vedic astrology, and his blessings are important for anyone studying astrology.

Purpose of Ganesha Fire Lab: Removal of Obstacles and Attraction of Fresh Opportunities

Ganesha is invoked for clearing out obstacles, both seen and unseen, as well as for attracting new opportunities for success. Ganesha Fire Lab is also known as Ganesha Homa or Ganesha Homam.

The benefits of invoking Ganesha at the beginning of any venture cannot be overstated. He has the ability to bulldoze away the obstacles and provide smashing success.

Ganesha Fire Lab (Ganesha Homa / Ganesha Homam) invokes his presence and his blessings directly into the lives of the sponsors.

Suggested Timings for Ganesha Fire Lab

Our scheduler works with our astrologers to set the best time for your Ganesha Fire Lab. In some cases, our astrologers recommend Ganesha Fire Lab to be performed during 4th Moon (Chaturthi) or 14th Moon (Chaturdashi) as both are suitable for Ganesha. However, there may be other times they will schedule based on your birth star or other consideration.

Many people like to have Ganesha Fire Lab performed if they have Ketu as a current major or minor planet of influence or if they are dealing with obstacles they cannot seem to overcome on their own.

Mantra(s) for Ganesha Fire Lab

Om Gum Ganeshaya Swaha


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum [Klom] Gum Ganapathayei

Vara Varada Sarva Janame Vasa Manaya Swaha

Ganesha Quantum Sounds Calm the Mind – Can Be Used by Anyone

Dr. Pillai has recommended anyone can do these sounds any time a person seeks to calm the mind. Ganesha will bring stillness and tranquility.

Om Shring Gung

108 Names of Ganesha – An Optional Yet Powerful Practice

Dr. Pillai has suggested reading or reciting the 108 names of Ganesha is a great practice anyone can do to create closer connection to Ganesha:

1) Akuratha One Whose Chariot Is Pulled by a Mouse
2) Alampata Ever Eternal Lord
3) Amit Incomparable Lord
4) Anatachidrupamayam Infinite and Consciousness Personified
5) Avaneesh Lord of the Whole World
6) Avighna Remover of Obstacles
7) Balaganapati Beloved and Lovable Child
8) Bhalchandra Moon-Crested Lord
9) Bheema Huge and Gigantic
10) Bhupati Lord of the Gods
11) Bhuvanpati God of the Gods
12) Buddinath God of Wisdom
13) Buddhipriya Knowledge Bestower
14) Buddhividhata God of Knowledge
15) Chaturbhuj One Who Has Four Arms
16) Devadeva Lord of All Lords
17) Devantakanashakarin Destroyer of Evils and Asuras
18) Devarata One Who Accepts All Penances
19) Devendrashika Protector of All Gods
20) Dharmik One Who Gives Charity
21) Dhoomravarna Smoke-Hued Lord
22) Durja Invincible Lord
23) Dvaimatura One Who Has Two Mothers
24) Ekaakshara He of the Single Syllable
25) Ekadanta Single-Tusked Lord
26) Ekadrishta Single-Tusked Lord
27) Eshanputra Lord Siva’s Son
28) Gadadhara One Who Has the Mace As His Weapon
29) Gajakarna One Who Has Eyes Like an Elephant
30) Gajanana Elephant-Faced Lord
31) Gajananeti Elephant-Faced Lord
32) Gajavakra Trunk of the Elephant
33) Gajavaktra One Who Has Mouth Like an Elephant
34) Ganadhakshya Leader of All the Ganas (Gods)
35) Ganadhyakshina Leader of All the Celestial Bodies
36) Ganapati Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
37) Gaurisuta Son of Gauri (Parvati)
38) Gunina One Who Is Master of All Virtues
39) Haridra One Who Is Golden Colored
40) Heramba Mother’s Beloved Son
41) Kapila Yellowish-Brown Colored
42) Kaveesha Master of Poets
43) Kirti Lord of Music
44) Kripalu Merciful Lord
45) Krishapingaksha Yellowish-Brown Eyed
46) Kshamakaram The Place of Forgiveness
47) Kshipra One Who Is Easy to Appease
48) Lambakarna Large-Eared Lord
49) Lambodara Huge-Bellied Lord
50) Mahabala Enormously Strong Lord
51) Mahaganapati Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
52) Maheshwaram Lord of the Universe
53) Mangalamurti All Auspicious Lord
54) Manomay Winner of Hearts
55) Mrityuanjaya Conqueror of Death
56) Mundakarama Abode of Happiness
57) Muktidaya Bestower of Eternal Bliss
58) Musikvahana One Who Has Mouse As His Charioteer
59) Nadapratithishta One Who Appreciates and Loves Music
60) Namasthetu Vanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins
61) Nandana Lord Siva’s Son
62) Nideeshwaram Giver of Wealth and Treasures
63) Omkara One Who Has the Form of OM
64) Pitambara One Who Has Yellow-Colored Body
65) Pramoda Lord of All Abodes
66) Prathameshwara First Among All
67) Purush The Omnipotent Personality
68) Rakta One Who Has Red-Colored Body
69) Rudrapriya Beloved of Lord Siva
70) Sarvadevatman Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings
71) Sarvasiddhanta Bestower of Skills and Wisdom
72) Sarvatman Protector of the Universe
73) Shambhavi Son of Parvati
74) Shashivarnam One Who Has a Moon-Like Complexion
75) Shoorpakarna Large-Eared Lord
76) Shuban All Auspicious Lord
77) Shubhagunakanan One Who Is Master of All Virtues
78) Shweta One Who Is Pure As the White Color
79) Siddhidhata Bestower of Success and Accomplishments
80) Siddhipriya Bestower of Wishes and Boons
81) Siddhivinayaka Bestower of Success
82) Skandapurvaja Elder Brother of Skanda (Lord Kartik / Muruga)
83) Sumuka Auspicious Face
84) Sureshwaram Lord of All Lords
85) Swaroop Lover of Beauty
86) Tarun Ageless
87) Uddanda Nemesis of Evils and Vices
88) Umaputra Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)
89) Vakratunda Curved Trunk Lord
90) Varaganapati Bestower of Boons
91) Varaprada Granter of Wishes and Boons
92) Varadavinayaka Bestower of Success
93) Veeraganapti Heroic Lord
94) Vidyavaridhi God of Wisdom
95) Vighnahara Remover of Obstacles
96) Vignaharta Demolisher of Obstacles
97) Vighnaraja Lord of All Hindrances
98) Vighnarajendra Lord of All Obstacles
99) Vighnavinashanaya Destroyer of All Obstacles and Impediments
100) Vigneswara Lord of All Obstacles
101) Vikat Huge and Gigantic
102) Vinayaka Lord of All
103) Vishwamukha Master of the Universe
104) Vishwaraja King of the World
105) Yagnakaya Acceptor of All Sacred and Sacrificial Offerings
106) Yashaskaram Bestower of Fame and Fortune
107) Yashvasin Beloved and Ever Popular Lord
108) Yogadhipa Lord of Meditation

Benefits of Ganesha Fire Lab

  • Protection from obstacles and dissolution of obstacles for current situations or new projects

  • Blessings of joy and hope

  • Fresh opportunities for success

  • Achieve full realization of plans and objectives

Ganesha Fire Lab refreshes the lives of:

  • People who are seeking victory with their projects, business, company

  • People who want obstacles removed on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual

  • People who are seeking blessings to undertake academic studies or learn new material in training

  • People who seek help in having a new destiny

  • People who wish to learn more about astrology and how to apply its principles in daily life

  • People who want to gift a family member or friend with a Fire Lab and are not sure which one to pick – Ganesha Fire Lab is helpful for everyone at any time

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