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5 Effective Vedic Astrology Remedies for Cleansing Past Life Karma

June 2, 2023 | Total Views : 284
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Astrology says that a person’s birth chart is a reflection of his past life karmas (actions). Thus, one’s birth is not a random event. The time and place of one’s birth bear the imprints of our actions in past lives. The family and environment we are born into, as well as the physiological factors that we are born under, are all the results of our past karma.

The Doshas, inauspicious Dasha, and malefic planets in our birth chart are only manifestations of the wrong karmas in our previous life. These can have an adverse influence on our lives and well-being. However, in Vedic astrology, there are many remedies to mitigate the negative effects of past life karma.

Remedies for Past Life Karma

Pooja, Homa, Yantra, Mantra, Japa, Yajna, Rudraksha, etc., are some of the many remedies that are available in Vedic astrology.

Let us explore them and see how they benefit those who suffer from past life karma.


Yantra is a Sanskrit word. It means ‘instrument’ or ‘apparatus’. It is a geometric design that represents the structure of a Mantra.

These yantras are energized at a favorable time using Mantras. The Mantras are of the deity that one invokes. Meditating on Yantras is very effective as it boosts focus and concentration. They are like visible Mantras. Focusing or meditating on a Yantra stills the mind and enables one to connect with the divine.

Yantras have powerful energy. They can create divine vibrations. Yantra meditation is an effective and powerful way to reduce or nullify the malefic effects of the planets or to eliminate negative energies or evil forces.

Chanting or meditating on the yantra protects you. Their mystic energy can empower you.

The process for energizing the Yantra -Pranaprathistha - is important. Only an expert astrologer or Acharya who has expertise in energizing yantras should do it.

During the procedure, one recites specific Mantras of the presiding deity of the yantra. A fire ritual or Homa follows this, where one makes various offerings (Ahutis). This energizes the yantra and activates it. After this, one installs the yantra in the place of worship at home.

One can also wear a miniature form of the yantra and chant its Mantra. However, you will get the benefits of the yantra only when you worship it daily with a pure heart. You need to meditate on it and surrender yourself to it completely. This helps neutralize the malefic planets. Also, one can resolve problems like chronic ailments, diseases, etc., by meditating on yantras. Other benefits include better relationships, removal of poverty, freedom from fears and phobias, good luck, success, and prosperity.


Rudraksha is another powerful remedy for past life karmas. Rudraksha comes from 2 words. ‘Rudra’ means ‘Shiva’, and ‘Aksha’ means ‘tear’. Legend says that Rudraksha formed from Shiva’s tears.

Rudrakshas are holy beads with mystical powers and healing properties. They contain powerful energy.

Rudrakshas do not harm the wearer. They can have miraculous benefits. The Rudraksha has cosmic energy, which can nullify the negative effectsof the malefic planets in one’s horoscope.

Rudrakshas come with different mukhi (faces). You need to wear the Rudraksha according to the planets that should be appeased and the kind of benefits you seek.

These holy beads can work wonders. But, before wearing them, one must purify and energize them. The process of energizing Rudraksha is Pranaprathista. This is done by cleaning and purifying the beads with milk, ghee, and oil. Also, one should chant the Mantras corresponding to the mukhis.

Rudraksha beads have healing abilities. They emit electromagnetic waves, so if you wear them close to the heart as a pendant, they calm the heart and mind by controlling the chemicals in the brain and neurotransmitters.

Even medical science says that Rudraksha has healing and anti-aging properties. But it all depends on whether the Rudraksha seeds are authentic. So, it is essential to choose original Rudraksha beads from verified sources. Only then will they be effective in reducing the negative effects of malefic planets and also bringing the blessings of Shiva.


Gemstones are popular as remedies in astrology to nullify the adverse effects of the planets. Every planet has a corresponding gemstone. By wearing it, one can reduce the negative effects of the planet.

Gemstones emit and receive energy. They radiate energy in all directions and also bring the energy back through the center. Ruby, pearl, diamond, emerald, cat’s eye, blue sapphire, coral, topaz, etc., are some of the gemstones that are used as remedies for past life karmas. Only original and high-quality gems will give you the benefits. They also have to be purified and sanctified if they are to prove effective.

To purify the gemstones before wearing them, soak them overnight in silver, copper, or gold vessels that contain pure mountain water or steam water. One can also soak them overnight in raw milk or a mixture of raw milk, honey, yogurt, sugar, and ghee.

After the cleansing, choose an auspicious day and time to wear the gemstone. Depending on the gemstone, one should embed them in a silver, gold, or copper ring. The base of the gemstone should touch your skin.

Meditate on the gem, or you can also chant the Mantra of the corresponding planetary deity 108 times. Wear it in the morning or evening, according to the astrologer’s advice. When you wear the gem as a ring, necklace, or bracelet, it eliminates negative energy and brings the body into better alignment. This brings success, good health, and happiness by appeasing the malefic planets.


Yajna or Yagya means ‘worship’ or ‘offering’. Yajnas are performed around a holy fire. It is a kind of ritual worship wherein offerings or Ahutis are made to the fire. These offerings are meant to appease different deities.

Only qualified priests or pandits can perform yajnas. A yajna has the power to fulfill one’s desires. The offerings that one makes during the yajna have an ethical meaning. It suggests that one is detached from things and is moving from a state of selfishness to selflessness.

Yajna can reduce the ill effects of malefic planets and bring the results you hope for. Some of the popular yajnas are Navagraha Shanti Yajna, Rajasuya Yajna, Mahamrityunjaya Yajna, and Ashwamedha Yajna.


​​Japa refers to Mantra chanting. One recites the name and attributes of a deity repetitively.

Japa is a simple but very effective remedy to appease unfavorable planets and gain divine blessings. The Mantras related to the malefic planets are chanted with eyes closed while meditating on the gods. One can also chant the Mantras over a rosary or japa mala.

You can get the correct Mantra from an experienced astrologer. They will also help you to understand its meaning and pronounce it correctly, besides suggesting how many times you have to chant it and also the number of days. Some of the popular and powerful Mantras are Shiva Mantra, Ganesha Mantra, Beej Mantra, and Gayatri Mantra.

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