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Significance of Worshipping Parad Shivalinga

June 2, 2023 | Total Views : 317
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Parad is derived from the word ‘Para’, which means ‘Mercury’ in many Indian languages. Parad is a very pure and refined mineral element. Hence, a Shivalinga made of Parad is much revered by Hindus.

Mercury is a metal that is in liquid form. So, while making the Shivalinga, the mercury is purified and solidified. This involves many processes. Parad Shivalinga is also called Rasamani Shivalinga.

The Importance of Parad Shivalinga

Once, the world was under attack by demons. At this time, Brahma and Vishnu approached Shiva for help. But Shiva was in deep meditation. However, the 2 gods had no choice, as the situation was alarming. So they tried to arouse him, despite knowing that he would become angry.

When Shiva opened his eyes, as expected, he was angry and manifested his fierce and destructive form, Bhairava. So, to calm him, Brahma and Vishnu worshipped him using a Shivalinga made of mercury, which had calming properties. Shiva became calm and assumed his peaceful form again.

This story explains the origin of the Parad Shivalinga and its importance.

Thus, worshipping a Parad Shivalinga makes one calm and peaceful. It also removes negative energies.

Why Have a Parad Shivalinga?

As per the Vedic Scriptures, there are many benefits of worshipping Shiva in the form of a Shivlinga. So, having a Parad Shivalinga at home can bring good fortune, good health, and spiritual well-being. In fact, even the sight of this Shivalinga is regarded as very auspicious.

Parad Shivalinga bestows abundance, power, and strength. He also removes one’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical troubles. Worshipping Parad Shivalinga is a great way to enhance positive energies in your workspace, home, and office.

But, there are also many other benefits if you have a Parad Shivalinga in your home and worshipping it.

Let us see what they are:

Worshipping a Parad Shivalingam brings the same blessings obtained by worshipping 108 types of Shivalingas.

This Shivalinga can bestow social position, name, and fame.

Mercury Shivalinga can guide you toward an authentic and meaningful life.

Shiva lingam represents the union of Shiva-Shakti. Those who have conflicts in their married life can worship this Shivalinga. It can remove all relationship worries.

Vishnu is the greatest devotee of Shiva. By worshipping Parad Shivalinga every day, one can also gain the blessings of Vishnu and his wife, Mahalakshmi.

Worshipping Parad Shivalinga can remove major sins like cow slaughter, Brahmahatya, and others.

Even the greatest sinner can be free of all his sins if he worships the Parad Shivalinga.

Astrological Importance of Parad Shivalinga

Parad Shiva linga can eliminate many doshas, like Kalsarpa dosha, Vastu dosh, Manglik dosha, and other planetary afflictions in the horoscope.

It protects one from diseases and accidents.

The Brahma Purana says that those who worship Parad Shivling can enjoy all worldly pleasures and attain salvation.

How to Worship Parad Shivalinga?

There is no need to consecrate the Parad Shivalinga, meaning that one doesn’t have to do Pranaprathistha for it. A simple prayer will do to invoke its blessings.

But after bringing it home, do Pooja and Mantra recitation regularly. One must have a clear conscience while doing this.

Step-by-step Procedure

Step 1: Preparation

Take all the Pooja items. They are given below.

1. Shivling

2. Chandan/Sandalwood Paste

3. Flower petals

4. Incense sticks

5. Ghee lamp

6. Fruits

7. A small pot of water

Step 2: Clean the Pooja area

Clean the Pooja area well. Then spread a clean white cloth and place the Parad Shiva linga on it.

Step 3: Light the Lamp

Light the ghee lamp and pray to Ganesha to remove obstacles during the Pooja.

Step 4: Offer Flowers

Offer flower petals to the Shiva linga.

Step 5: Apply Sandalwood paste

Apply sandalwood paste to the Shiva linga.

Step 6: Light Incense

Light incense sticks. Offer the smoke to the Shiva linga.

Step 7: Offer Water

Offer a small pot of water to the Shiva linga to symbolize purification.

Step 8: Chant Mantras

Chant Shiva Mantras, like 'Om Namah Shivaya' or 'Om Trayambakam Yajamahe'.

Step 9: Offer Fruits

Offer fruits to symbolize abundance and prosperity.

Step 10: Complete the Pooja

Complete the Pooja by bowing before the Shiva linga and expressing your gratitude.

Do this Shiva linga Pooja daily in this manner. Never miss it on Mondays. Performing Parad Shiva linga Pooja on Mahashivaratri is a very holy act, maybe the holiest that you can do in this lifetime.

Other Important Facts about Parad Shivalinga

If you install the Parad Shiva linga at home, you can experience peace and happiness in the family.

Having a Mercury Shiva linga in your workspace can bring financial abundance.

Keep the Parad Shiva linga in your bedroom if you have marital problems. It can promote happiness and harmony between spouses.

Though you can bring this Shiva linga home on any day, Monday is the most auspicious day. Bringing a Parad Shivalinga home on Mahashivratri day is believed to be very beneficial.


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