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Homa or Yagna – The Visible Divine Energy

DateSeptember 23, 2011


Life is a mixed cup of both favorable and unfavorable events. When there is an equal balance between the types of events or when the favorable conditions are dominant, people are able to handle life in a smooth way. But what happens if a person faces lots of adverse situations and negative vibrations? How to enhance one’s life? It is only when an individual access the right techniques for the right reason, they are able to travel effectively through the journey of life. Homa also known as Havan or Yagna is that right spiritual technique that helps you to keep up with the pace of life! It is the key to enhance your life and to solve your problems at their root cause.


Homa – A Visible Divine Energy

Homa, a Sanskrit word, refers to any ritual in which offerings are made into a consecrated fire. To the western World “Homa” is often referred to as “Fire Ritual”. The purpose is to reach out to the Divine, or highest intelligences by offering specific ‘sacrifices’ into the sanctified fire. Fire is the only element that can transform a material element into an etheric one. It is also a visible divine energy that can be seen and felt.


Homa is said to be the mediator between humans and Gods. In the five basic elements of existence, earth, water, fire, air, and ether, fire comes between the physical earthy elements, and the more spiritual or unseen elements. It is the bridge between heaven and earth so to speak. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions, which will help to enhance your life. You can change the course of your life by intervening, interrupting and influencing the cosmic energies.

During a Homa or Havan, priests chant specific sounds, mantras, and prayers on your behalf using sound techniques prescribed by the Vedas. Your name and birthstar or Nakshatra, are voiced as part of the offering. The vibrations created by the chanting of the Sanskrit mantras produce a direct line to the effect change on the influencing cosmic energies.

At the end of Homa or Yagna, the priests gather some ash from the burnt offerings. These remains, called Prasad or Vibhuti are highly charged with the energies from the ritual, which are either put in a sacred space or are applied to the body to gain further benefits from the ritual. Homa can really help you to enhance your life by removing the negative energies that are creating obstacles for you. It also creates a divine energy circle around you which will enhance your life.



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