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Benefits Of Chanting Mantras And The Science Behind It

January 25, 2022 | Total Views : 1,014
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Everyone would have come across the word 'Mantra' or at least heard about it. Nowadays, people are interested in leading a tension-free life, mental peace, being healthy, and keeping themselves fit. So they search for fitness programs, exercises, yoga, or meditation classes. 

Though modern technology helps you advance sophisticated knowledge, less time consumption, speed up things, etc., it also has disadvantages. Ultimately, one loses peace of mind due to the overloads and demands at the workplace and even at home. Therefore, the chanting of the mantra benefits you in various ways at this present Kali Yuga.

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What is a Mantra?

The mantra is an utterance of a sound or a syllable. By chanting the mantras, one can reach the higher stage of the meditation known as 'Turiya' and 'samadhi.' The word 'Man' refers to the mind, and 'tra' refers to the vehicle in the Sanskrit language. All the mantras emanate from the Sanskrit language. The language gives importance to the utterance of the Sound or vibration. If you change the Sound, the meaning differs. You have to give more importance to the Sound. In other words, you can control your mind through the mantra and attain the stage of 'deep meditation’ called 'samadhi.' Thus, you will achieve spiritual realisation like knowing yourself and realising 'what have you come for.' It is like, you nurture the soul by chanting the mantras.

Mantras are not only a mere sound; it also represents your intention. It is like preparing yourself for a long journey. Just chanting the mantra would benefit you in a lot more ways, and it will be more effective if you strive hard. The mantra must be uttered carefully with proper understanding and awareness to benefit. It would be best if you regularly did to attain clarity in chanting and attain higher benefits. You can also listen to AstroVed Astrology Podcast to learn more about chanting the mantras.

Every matter has a form, and Sound also has a structure or pattern. If one utters appropriately, the design becomes more solid and robust, or else, it may damage the body parts. All your senses are inactive when you sleep, and you may enter into a deep sleep. You regain your consciousness through the hearing sense organ as Sound can penetrate your sleep. Therefore, Sound plays a vital role in all matters, and all the living entities are sound sensitive. When one utters the Sound, it induces a specific form and establishes the relationship between the structure and the Sound. 

There are different mantras, and each reverberates to a particular body part. People chant the mantras differently according to their native tones (accent). For example, a Tamil-speaking person chants the mantra differently; the Hindi-speaking person chants the same mantra differently due to the vernacular language. Likewise, a foreigner may chant the same mantra differently. Therefore it is better to learn the proper way of uttering the mantra. Suppose the mantra is chanted adequately under the guidance of a trained professional, then the mantra is enchanting, and it is empowering.

Reasons to Chant Mantras 108 Times

  • It is nine planets, and twelve zodiac signs multiplied give 108.
  • There are 27 stars, and it has four padas. So multiplying 27X4 = 108.
  • The number 108 is considered auspicious in the Hindu religion and the Yoga system.

Benefits of Chanting the Mantras

It is also scientifically proven that chanting the mantras benefits human beings and the entire universe.

  • Vedic Mantras are divine mantras as the origin is unknown. No one has written the mantras. It is the root of the energy, and when you recite the mantras, you link it to the divine power or the actual source (seeds) of the energy. 
  • Sound is the basis for all matters. In Vedic tradition, it is called 'Abdatantra.' The mantra sound has the power to destroy all the prevailing bad and negative thoughts or energies, as the body consists of atoms that are vibrating. The Sound in the form of vibration activates all the inner chakras of the body. 
  • The Vedic mantras have the power to heal the illness in the body. The mantras are sacred, and reciting these mantras often helps you attain a healthy body, stable and calm mind, tension-free, and inner peace.
  • It also increases immunity by regulating blood pressure, hormones, heart rate, and balancing the nervous system.


It is not necessary to learn the Sanskrit language. It is good enough if you know to recite the mantra correctly in the exact utterance. You can listen to the Astrology podcast to get the proper pronunciation. The vibration of the mantra makes one feel calm and serenity. Anyone can chant the mantra under appropriate guidance and attain the benefits of chanting. But it has to be practised to get an effective result.


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